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Learn more about freight, logistics and supply chains, and take a deeper dive into topics like freight costs, intermodal, transportation management and more with our free eBooks and comprehensive articles.


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Freight Costs: An Insider’s Look on Freight Pricing Buyers Should Know

Freight cost and pricing can be a confusing topic often veiled in secrecy. This insider's look at the pricing component of freight and logistics uncovers the mystery as you shop for solutions.

eBook: What Shippers Need to Know to Be Successful with Intermodal

Learn the key areas within intermodal that allow for the most shipping success with our step-by-step guide.

The Complete Guide to Truckload, LTL and Expedited Freight Capacity

Read this complete guide to understand, evaluate and create the perfect truckload, LTL and expedited solutions for your freight requirements.

eBook: Step-by-Step Intermodal Implementation Guide

Read our proven step-by-step intermodal transportation analysis and implementation plan to help successfully integrate intermodal into your network with a road-to-rail conversion.

Transportation Management Software (TMS) RFP Template

Our TMS RFP Template is designed to help kickstart your transportation management buying journey. The RFP - aka Request for Proposal - template will help in organizing the functional requirements your company is looking for to meet its logistics and supply chain goals.

eBook: Freight Costs: An Insider's Look on Freight Pricing Buyers Should Know

We understand the importance of cost in every supply chain solution, which is why we wrote this Ebook to bring transparency to logistics and freight pricing, so you'll be prepared to navigate the market.

eBook: The Ins & Outs of Intermodal Transportation

Have you heard about the standard benefits of choosing an intermodal service as compared to shipping your freight via a truck? Get the ins and outs of how Intermodal reduces emissions, saves fuel, relieves highway congestion, and reduces supply chain costs.

A Complete Guide to TMS Freight Software: Market Capabilities & Solutions for Shippers

Learn how a Transportation Management System (TMS) can help your company improve its logistics & supply chain execution & strategy.

eBook: Managed Transportation: The Basics

Get a rundown of what you need to know when it comes to managed transportation. This eBook covers a range of topics from what managed transportation is all the way to the best managed transportation companies and how to implement managed transportation.

eBook: Getting Started with Intermodal

There are multiple factors and benefits to consider when thinking about converting to intermodal. Transits, pricing, and IMCs are just a few of those subjects. Our eBook gives you the information you need to make the best decision when it comes to utilizing intermodal with your company.

eBook: What Is an IMC?

Both asset and non-asset intermodal service providers have their niche where they have an edge over the other, and in this eBook we address the five subjects asset intermodal service providers use to sell against non-asset intermodal providers.

eBook: Intermodal Terms & Definitions

Learn key intermodal (and general freight) terms with their corresponding definitions as well as example pictures on some. Whether you're training someone new in your company on intermodal or need a refresher yourself, this eBook is perfect for you.

eBook: Why Managed Transportation?

Discover how managed transportation can save you money and how to utilize it to improve efficiency within your company. Plus, learn about the different services offered and dive deeper into the subject of managed transportation in our informative eBook.

The Complete Guide to Managed Transportation Service Solutions

Explore this comprehensive guide on managed transportation, transportation management systems, and the impact of both on your business this comparison guide

eBook: Intermodal Weight & Damage Prevention

The most common issue for shippers transitioning their freight from truckload to intermodal is loading the container to be legally compliant with gross weight - that and the distribution of weight across the vehicle. Learn how to avoid the hassle and extra costs of intermodal with our eBook.

eBook: The Complete Guide to Intermodal Transportation

Logistics managers are constantly trying to solve the cost, service and capacity equation for their company and customers. One shipping strategy worth noting to maximize the combination of these elements is intermodal freight transportation. This eBook will show how valuable intermodal can be in many scenarios.

The Ultimate Comparison Guide on Freight & Logistic Services

Make the best freight & logistics choices that fit your business needs with this comparison guide.

eBook: Introduction to Intermodal

Intermodal can be a key strategic ingredient to move an organization toward a multi-modal strategy for scalability, flexibility, mitigation of risk and business continuity. Intermodal has made great strides over the years as logistics managers are pushed for cost improvements, efficiencies in the supply chain and higher reliability of deliveries. Our eBook shows how choosing intermodal can benefit you.

eBook: Intermodal Shipping into Mexico & Canada

Cross-border intermodal offers shippers more options in getting their products into Mexico and Canada. From greater efficiency to cost savings, intermodal cross-border service is a growing force to be reckoned with. Educate yourself on cross border shipping in this eBook.

The Complete Guide to Freight Management Service Solutions

Explore this comprehensive guide on freight management services and the impact of both on your business.

eBook: The Comprehensive Guide on Managed Transportation Services

Learn what Managed Transportation Service (MTS) is, and why to change results for the better, many shippers realize it's time to enact a managed transportation service strategy through a well-respected logistics service provider - and more, in our eBook.

eBook: Intermodal Misconceptions

Intermodal is commonly thought of as slow, unreliable, and complicated, but that is not the case with today's door-to-door intermodal service. Our eBook sheds light on the most common misconceptions and shows how intermodal can be beneficial to you.

MercuryGate TMS Certified Integrator Channel Partner: Benefits & Value

Learn the benefits of working with a MercuryGate Value Added Reseller (VAR) / Integrator.

eBook: The Complete Guide on Managed Transportation and Transportation Management Systems

Through a managed transportation service solution, a company hands off the logistics work to trusted professionals that specialize in supply chain management to optimize customer service and reduce shipping costs. In our eBook, learn how going managed is a way to offload your logistics work so you can focus on your business.

eBook: The Complete Guide to Truckload, LTL and Expedited Freight Capacity

According to the US Department of Transportation, there are over 700,000 registered motor carriers, 91% of which operate six or fewer trucks and 97% that operate fewer than 20. With so many options, in can be difficult identifying the “right fit” for your company. With our eBook, we give you all the "need-to-know" information so that you can make the best decision.

The Complete Guide to Intermodal Transportation

Everything you need to know about intermodal logistics and transportation

eBook: MercuryGate Certified Integrator Channel Partner: Benefits & Value

Need a transportation management system so you and your team can plan, execute, report, analyze and optimize the inbound and outbound flow of products? This is where working with a MercuryGate value-added reseller (VAR) Partner and Integrator comes into play. In this partnership, MercuryGate brings the best TMS cloud technology platform to the table, which they continue to focus their internal resources to improve and enhance.

eBook: A Complete Guide to TMS Freight Software: Market Capabilities and Solutions for Shippers

The ability of a company to integrate and execute technology has increasingly become a critical aspect for its success. Our Guide to transportation management systems (TMS) breaks down all of the ways a TMS can benefit you and what you should look out for when implementing one.

eBook: The Ultimate Comparison Guide on Freight & Logistics Services

This comparison guide eBook addresses a number of topics associated with logistics service providers, plus various subjects associated with the freight industry to help shippers in their quest for supply chain excellence