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eBook: Intermodal Terms & Definitions

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Our eBook "Intermodal Terms & Definitions" is a resourceful intermodal tool. The eBook has terms with their corresponding definitions as well as example pictures on some terms. Whether you are training someone new in your company on intermodal or need a refresher on an intermodal term this eBook is perfect for you. Listed below are a few terms and definitions found in this eBook.

Intermodal Terms & Definitions eBook Cover PNGExample Terms

  • Back Haul - The return of a car or container towards the point where the initial load originated, or to handle a shipment in the direction of light flow of traffic
  • Chassis - A rubber-tired under-frame on which a container is mounted for street or highway transport
  • Flip - When a container is picked up off of the ground and mounted on a chassis for street or highway transport
  • Ingate - Term applied to units arriving at a railroad terminal over the road, from a trucking company
  • SCAC - Standard Carrier Alpha Code, used for identifying truckers, railroads and other conveyors

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