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InTek Freight & Logistics

Browse our selection of original videos to learn all about freight, logistics and supply chains  - including key terms, explanations of shipping modes, tips and how-tos, issues of the day and much more. 

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MercuryGate Certified Integrator Channel Partner: Benefits & Value

Learn more about the value the combination of the MercuryGate cloud TMS system and InTek's IT Integration Team can bring to your company's ...

InTek COVID-19 Support

InTek's special project capabilities in action with the distribution of 12.5 million pounds of PPE from airport-to-door in support of front line ...

InTek Customer Testimonial

Meet Businesses Like Yours That Are Experiencing Incredible Results with InTek. "We made the right choice. InTek is exceeding the results of our ...

What is Intermodal

Dive into everything intermodal with our experts in this video. Learn the ins and outs of intermodal and how how to be successful with an ...

What is the Cost of Intermodal

InTek's leadership started in the shipper environment, which gives them a unique experience that other logistics companies do not have and because ...

InTek Freight & Logistics CEO - Rick LaGore

Over the past 30 years, Rick has held a variety of positions in finance, strategy, operations and marketing in the auto, publishing, mobile phone and logistics industries. Rick is a frequent contributor to various industry publications and analysis on the state of domestic intermodal market through the InTek intermodal spot rate index developed in 2012.

InTek Freight & Logistics President - Shelli Austin

Watch this quick video to learn more about the Co-Founder & President of InTek Freight & Logistics.

Who is InTek Freight & Logistics

Learn more about who InTek Freight & Logistics is and how they can help you with your logistics and supply chain challenges. Managed TMS, TMS ...

InTek's Shipper History Leads to Unique Customer-First Logistics Solutions

InTek's leadership started in the shipper environment, which gives them a unique experience that other logistics companies do not have and because ...

What Is Temperature-Controlled Shipping?

Learn about temperature-controlled freight shipping, including what a reefer is, how temperature-controlled shipping occurs, what technology is involved, and the many goods that need temperature-controlled environments. Plus, see how temperature-controlled intermodal may be an unexplored option.

Shipping Container Dimensions and Sizes

Shipping containers come in a variety of dimensions, sizes and specs. Learn about the different shipping containers for domestic intermodal, international, and even truckload and more unusual options. Find out these containers' capacity and weight. See which ones go on ocean freight, railroad and trucks. And get a primer on ISO containers and temperature controlled - reefer - options as well.

What Is Transloading?

Learn what is meant by transloading in freight & logistics and how transloading & intermodal are intertwined. Plus, see why container shortages have led transloading to grow in use as a shipping solution, and how it can save time and money in many circumstances as shippers navigate the supply chain, by steamship, rail, or truckload.

How Freight Shippers Are Approaching This Holiday Season

With plenty of lessons to be learned from what went wrong - or at least not so smoothly - during the 2021 holiday season, what are shippers doing differently moving forward?

Back to School Shopping and Shipping

Back to school shopping season lasts through a large portion of the summer, so shippers must have their back to school shipping ducks in a row even earlier. Back to school shopping can be a lucrative time of year for retailers, in fact, the most lucrative other than the holiday season.

The Seasons of Shipping

The shipping calendar has its seasons much like the traditional calendar. Depending on the time of year, freight and logistics professionals may be dealing with quiet shipping season, produce shipping season, peak shipping season, holiday shipping season or an overlapping combination of shipping seasons.

5 Ways to Prepare for Peak Shipping Season

Learn 5 ways to prepare for peak shipping season as you develop your plan to navigate this higher volume, lower capacity, and higher cost freight season.

What Makes Summer Freight Shipping Unique?

Shipping freight in the summer season brings with it unique challenges, including the heat, seasonal products and the beginning of peak season.. Learn what goods are taking up most summer freight volume, how to handle temperature-controlled shipping to beat the heat, and what to expect as peak freight season begins.

The Logistics of Major Sporting Events

Learn about the logistics of major sporting events and that factors that go into sports logistics management. Find out the 5 Cs of event management and how they apply to sporting events. And get a primer on the logistics of sports apparel - specifically Super Bowl apparel - as well as other factors planners must consider, like safety, equipment and transportation of participants, fans and merchandise.

How Are Cars Transported?

Learn how cars are transported and shipped around the world via various freight modes. See how new cars and how race cars are securely packed and protected to prevent damage as they travel using trucks, trains, ocean liners and even airplanes. Find out the differences between transport of NASCAR, IndyCar and Formula 1 cars, and how they compare to new car shipping.

How Does Gasoline Get Transported?

Learn how gasoline and other oil and petroleum products get transported from start to finish, including over water and over land as gas prices and oil prices continue to be an issue. Get a primer on ocean tankers, pipelines, railroad tank cars and tanker trucks and how they're used to transport gasoline and other petroleum derivatives. And find out the biggest concerns in their transportation.

What Is the Fastest Way to Transport Freight?

Learn the fastest way to transport freight by mode and type. Learn the average speeds of container ships, freight trains, semi-trucks and airplanes as well as typical ship times of these modes, both domestically and internationally. Plus, find out the difference between expedited and standard shipping, as well as a couple of money-saving tips.

What Is the Greenest Way to Transport Goods?

Learn the greenest way to transport goods between the major freight shipping methods of truck, rail/intermodal, ocean and air. Get a primer on each transportation mode's greenhouse gas emissions and environmental impact, plus, find out what innovations are underway or coming soon. And see tips on making your company's shipping strategy a green one.

What Are TMF - Explaining Traffic Mitigation Fees at the Port

Learn about TMF - traffic mitigation fees - at the port, also known as PierPass. Find out what these TMFs are, where they're levied - the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach - and why. Plus, get info on how to pay these port fees and what affects how much they are for carriers bringing trucks in and out of these busy California ports.

Best Freight Brokers

Learn the best freight brokers to ensure your shipment reliably moves when and where you need it to go. Also known as freight brokerage companies or freight brokerage firms, this top 20 list of best freight brokers gives you a leg up when considering your options.

How Do Hurricanes Affect Transportation?

Hurricanes can have devastating effects on every day life where they strike, but they also affect transportation in a variety of ways - both in the disaster path and outside of it. Learn how hurricanes affect freight movement, capacity and cost - before, during and after the storm. And find out how FEMA disaster relief impacts the transportation equation as well.

How will the supply chain affect the holidays?

Last year, supply chain issues put a bit of a damper on the holidays, in terms of holiday shopping. What will the supply chain future hold for the Christmas and holiday season of 2022? Learn whether the product shortages will persist, how consumer demand might hold up in the face of inflation, whether retailers and shippers will get inventory right, and more.

Supply Chain Impacts of a Possible West Coast Port Strike

A looming strike among west coast dock workers could cause major supply chain disruptions as activity comes to a halt at major U.S. ports including Los Angeles and Long Beach. Learn what dockworkers do, who's negotiating the new agreement, the impacts of a shift in where imports and exports go, and how the government may get involved.

What Is Supply Chain Sustainability?

Learn about supply chain sustainability, how to achieve it and why having a sustainable supply chain is important not only for the environment, but for a company's bottom line. Get tips on sustainable supply chain management and a few supply chain sustainability best practices that will help your business go green and reduce its carbon footprint.

Healthcare and Medical Supply Chains

Learn about healthcare and medical supply chains, including how they work, what makes them so important - hint: it has to do with saving lives - and how to manage them successfully. Find out what tasks are involved in healthcare supply chain management, how healthcare and medical supply chains differ from conventional retail supply chains, and what products traverse these specialized supply chains.

What Is The Retail Supply Chain?

Retail supply chains are the logistics of how products go from raw goods all the way to consumers. Learn the steps of a retail supply chain, the key players including suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and transportation methods, and all about retail supply chain management. Plus, learn how customer experience (CX) needs to factor in to retail supply chains.

Semiconductor Chip Supply Chain, Chip Shortages & More

Learn about the semiconductor chip supply chain, including how vital these microchips are, how semiconductors are made, where they're manufactured, the many uses of the semiconductor chip, and why there's a semiconductor chip shortage.

What Is a Supply Chain?

Learn what a supply chain is including the definition of a supply chain, what steps make up a supply chain, which jobs are part of a supply chain, what supply chain management is, and the difference between supply chain and logistics.

InTek Teams with FEMA Supplier to Distribute 12.5 Million Pounds of COVID19 PPE from Airport-to-Door

InTek worked with a key FEMA supplier in distributing 12.5 million pounds of PPE in support of the COVID19 efforts from airport-to-door. The project included coordination of transloading over fifty 747 cargo planes arriving from Malaysia and Shanghai that were delivered into local DC's. Once off loaded the product was picked-and-packed out by sku and quantity to be quickly delivered to those in need of the critical product to support frontline workers caring for coronavirus patients.

Learn How InTek's MercuryGate Cloud TMS Can Help Your Business

InTek Freight & Logistics is a MercuryGate Certified Reseller & Integration Partner. Watch this short video to learn more about how InTek helps shippers and logistics companies implement this best in class cloud transportation management (TMS) system to optimize their logistics and supply chains.

Hear from Customers on How InTek Delivers Superior Results

InTek Freight & Logistics delivers a superior service solution, whether Intermodal, Truckload, Managed TMS or its Cloud TMS System through MercuryGate. In this short video hear from InTek's customer as to the results on service and cost they found with InTek after switching from one of the largest 3PL's in North America.

Welcome to InTek Freight & Logistics

Welcome to InTek Freight & Logistics, technology driven road and rail solutions. InTek Freight & Logistics is where companies come when faced with a freight and logistics problem.

InTek Logistics - Certified MercuryGate TMS Reseller & Integrator

MercuryGate and InTek Logistics brings together the best TMS cloud technology platform, along with an IT Services partner to lead the implementation, integration, testing, training and optimize all phases of the TMS implementation project.

What Is Intermodal Transportation?

Get an overview of Intermodal Transportation and see how door-to-door intermodal leverages the efficiency of rail and the flexibility of truckload to bring together best price and service into one freight mode. Plus, get answers to common questions about intermodal and tips on how to optimize your company's use of intermodal transportation.

How a TMS Helps with Holiday Shipping

The right TMS - transportation management system - helps holiday shipping by connecting shippers and logistics providers to important areas like freight capacity, inventory needs, real-time market data, shipment tracking, and more, all in a simple interface that makes agility in an ever-changing supply chain environment simple.

How a TMS Helps with Green Logistics & Sustainable Supply Chains

Adopting green logistics and sustainable supply chain practices becomes much easier with the right tools, and one of the easiest places to start is with a TMS, also known as transportation management system software.

Best Transportation Management Software - TMS Solutions

Learn the best transportation management software - aka the best TMS - platforms for a variety of business needs. In this video, you'll not only see a list of the top transportation management software, but why implementing TMS benefits companies of all sizes - and how it's easier than ever.

Best Managed Transportation Companies

Learn the best Managed Transportation Companies to provide managed transportation service. In this video, you'll see the top managed transportation services providers as well as what they offer to take the supply chain burden off your business and manage shipping transportation from beginning to end.

Top LTL & Truckload Freight Companies

Get a rundown of the top LTL & truckload companies, the differences between LTL & truckload, and which of these two freight modes fits your company best. In this countdown video, you'll see a list of the top LTL & truckload carriers along with all you need to know about how to choose an LTL or truckload freight provider..

Best Truckload Companies

Learn the best truckload companies for your business needs. In this video, you'll not only see a list of the top carriers, but what qualities – like operating authority, insurance, service, coverage, and more - you should look for in choosing the best truckload companies.

Best LTL Companies

Learn the best LTL companies for providing less than truckload service. In this video, you'll not only see the top carriers, but why navigating the LTL marketplace fraught with complex tariffs, class ratings, varied networks, and more alone can be challenging for shippers.

Door to Door vs Ramp to Ramp Intermodal

Intermodal freight often gets a bad rap for not delivering directly to a recipient, instead requiring pickup from a rail ramp. However, in addition to ramp to ramp delivery, intermodal does offer door to door options, with the combination of TRT or truck-rail-truck transit. Learn the differences between ramp to ramp and door to door, as well as the options of ramp to door and door to ramp. Plus, hear about drayage - the type of truck involved in moving intermodal freight to and from the intermodal terminal.

What Are the Environmental Benefits of Intermodal Transportation?

Learn how one of the key benefits of using intermodal transportation involves reducing the environmental impact of freight shipping. Find out 5 advantages intermodal offers that can be incorporated into a sustainable supply chain, including lower greenhouse gas emissions, better fuel efficiency, reduced highway congestion, and more.

What Are the 3 Cs of Intermodal Freight?

Learn the three Cs of intermodal freight - cost, capacity and carbon, and why these terms sum up some key advantages intermodal transportation offers over other freight modes. Find out how intermodal stacks up in terms of spend, transport options and sustainability.

Best Freight Audit and Pay Companies

Learn the best freight audit and pay companies to assist businesses in collecting payment, auditing billing, streamlining invoices and more. In this video, you'll not only see a list of the best freight audit and pay companies, but you'll see why they're important to financial and business relationship bottom lines.

What Is MercuryGate TMS? - MercuryGate Tutorials

In this MercuryGate Tutorial video, learn just what is MercuryGate TMS (transportation management system) and get a gentle introduction to MercuryGate's highly sophisticated TMS.

A Quick Introduction to MercuryGate TMS & How To Add a Load - InTek Tutorials

In this MercuryGate Tutorial video, get an intoduction to MercuryGate's TMS and learn how to add a load.

How to Add Manual Rates for MercuryGate TMS - MercuryGate Tutorials

In this MercuryGate Tutorial video, learn how to add a manual rate within the MercuryGate TMS.

How to Create a Reference within MercuryGate TMS - MercuryGate Tutorials

In this MercuryGate Tutorial video, learn about references and how to create them within the MercuryGate TMS.

How To Add Master Locations Within the MercuryGate TMS - MercuryGate Tutorials

In this MercuryGate Tutorial video, learn how to add Master Locations within the MercuryGate TMS.

How to Setup Carrier Profiles with MercuryGate Cloud TMS - MercuryGate Tutorials

In this MercuryGate Tutorial video, learn how to set up carrier profiles on the MercuryGate Cloud TMS (transportation management system).