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Simplify freight shipping between Mexico & the USA

With global supply chain volatility leading businesses like yours to bring operations closer to home, cross-border shipping has never been more essential. Whether moving cargo south of the border or transporting freight from Mexico to the USA, the right partner in both countries can make your customs and border crossing process seamless.

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Ensure correct customs paperwork 

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Balance your supply chain strategy


Ship cross-border at multiple points


Communicate with bilingual partners

How InTek helps you ship freight to and from Mexico

  • Stable, long-term capacity with partnerships on both sides of the border
  • Expert assistance handling customs requirements and associated documentation like the pedimento
  • Bilingual - English and Spanish - support
  • Specialized solutions for a variety of shipments to Mexico and the U.S.
  • Personalized service every step of the way
US Mexico Border

Freight Shipping to and from Mexico By the Numbers

Up to 5x

More capacity ships from Mexico to the U.S., than vice versa

$68.4 billion

Total transborder freight (Oct. 2022)


Trucks cross the U.S.-Mexico border each day

Cross-border freight is already big business, and with increased nearshoring, it's only getting bigger. While truckload is still the dominant method, our intermodal expertise can help you take advantage of reliable capacity and smoother border crossings, with cost savings to boot.

Why choose InTek?

Getting your shipment to Mexico or the U.S. is a team effort. Shipping with InTek's experienced staff, extensive partnerships and proven technology delivers your crossborder cargo on-time at a fair price - without the worry.

Become a company that ships to or from Mexico with InTek to join others we serve

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Our cross-border shipping services


Mexico and Texas Border Shipping Map

Door-to-door shipping to Mexico

Shipping from the USA to Mexico - and/or back - does have options, with the most prominent being 53' dry van. But with border crossing issues and driver shortages, we can help with intermodal and transloading as well.

Where can my shipments go?

Your door-to-door freight shipment to Mexico with InTek can reach several destinations, including (but not limited to):

  • Laredo, TX
  • Monterrey
  • Queretaro
  • Saltillo
  • San Luis Potosi

Ideally, this solution fits shippers in the Midwest with at least three shipments per week moving southbound across the border - though other U.S. origins can also fit.

Transloading and warehousing

Beyond door-to-door, cargo can be delivered to Laredo, then, via transloading, moved for storage or further distribution throughout Mexico. Warehousing locations are available in Laredo as well as Monterrey, Queretaro and Saltillo.

Let us solve customs complexities 

Using a logistics service provider for cross-border shipping like InTek gets you help with documentation including the pedimento - required by Mexico for imports and exports - and the overall inspection process. With a dedicated customs brokerage in Mexico and the U.S., those complexities disappear.


Shipping freight from Mexico to the USA

Roughly five-times more freight moves from Mexico to the USA than vice versa. That means you need solutions for this competitive capacity conundrum. Tap the underutilized intermodal market or find other creative solutions with InTek.

Boost your business with cross-border shipping



Intermodal Shipping into Mexico and Canada


Get a primer on our cross-border intermodal services

Cross-border intermodal offers shippers more options in getting their products into Mexico and Canada. From greater efficiency to cost savings, intermodal cross-border service is a growing force to be reckoned with. Educate yourself on cross border shipping in our free eBook "Intermodal Shipping into Mexico & Canada."




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