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Intermodal Transportation: Freight solutions that make your business better

Clear up your cost and capacity concerns with no need to navigate thousands of freight carriers alone. Our dedicated intermodal experts can move your domestic shipments with reliable, secure, competitive and sustainable road and rail solutions.






Optimize your logistics costs and resources


Turn your shipping and logistics into a competitive advantage


Focus on running your business


Enhance your customer experience

Are intermodal freight carriers right for you?

The answer is yes, if:

  • You want a simplified freight shipping experience with just six Class 1 Railroads and a single point of contact
  • You're looking for a cost-effective capacity alternative that saves 10-30% over truckload
  • Security of your cargo is a priority
  • Your company values sustainability and a transportation strategy with a low environmental impact 
  • Your shipments are longer-haul with origin and destination in range of rail ramps
Workers Intermodal Containers

Intermodal vs. truckload: save on your logistics


Average cost savings


More fuel efficient


Trucks equal one intermodal rail train


Size of standard semi trailer & intermodal container

Why choose intermodal shipping?

Recent surveys show 85% of businesses that use intermodal are satisfied with their service. And more than two-thirds of shippers cite cost benefits and sustainability advantages versus truckload

Not sure if intermodal is a fit for you? Try our optimizer service to find out which routes work best for intermodal. Just enter your name and email, and we'll follow up before you know it!

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How intermodal container services work

Intermodal Diagram-Words

Intermodal freight transport uses containers and multiple modes of transportation to move cargo without handling the products inside. A typical door to door intermodal shipment starts and ends with dray trucks, with trains handling the long-haul. While multiple carriers are involved, working with InTek makes the experience seamless.  

Our intermodal partners


NA Intermodal Map

Benefit from an extensive intermodal network

You may be surprised at the broad reach of domestic intermodal centers. In fact, the map offers lanes for the vast majority of shippers’ needs. But without the right partner, navigating U.S. intermodal logistics can be complex.

At InTek, we'll make domestic intermodal work for your business with the most reliable solutions across freight types, and the best intermodal rates.



Success stories

Find a range of intermodal services with InTek

With decades of industry experience, extensive relationships and top notch service & technology, InTek offers a variety of intermodal services beyond its 53' domestic intermodal container program. Turn to InTek for creative solutions to all your intermodal freight needs.


InTek helps solve unique freight capacity problems



See how door-to-door intermodal leverages the efficiency of rail and the flexibility of truckload to maximize efficiency, service and savings.

With our video overview of intermodal transportation, InTek President Shelli Austin answers frequently asked questions and offers tips on how to optimize intermodal for your business.

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Empower your business with innovative shipping solutions



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Get tips on intermodal container services

Intermodal transportation is a reliable, efficient way for shipping freight. Yet for a number of reasons, its potential has been heavily undervalued. Learn the Ins and Outs of Intermodal with this free eBook: compare intermodal to truckload, learn about benefits of intermodal and see what you need to do to adopt intermodal.

Plus, learn how changing your freight mix between intermodal & trucking can help with your cost and capacity needs.

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