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Intermodal Network Map

Looking for intermodal lanes that fit your business needs? We'll help you navigate the intermodal network map to find domestic intermodal routes that offer greater capacity options at competitive rates.

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Many shippers who’ve never explored intermodal before may find themselves...

  • Unaware of the number of locations domestic intermodal serves 
  • Mistakenly thinking door-to-door intermodal options won’t suit their needs
  • Surprised at the capacity and cost savings intermodal offers
  • Impressed at the environmental benefits of intermodal transit

InTek Freight & Logistics helps companies with 53' door-to-door intermodal capacity requirements over all North American Class I railroad intermodal ramps. Take a look at the Intermodal Network Map and you may be surprised just how much coverage there is.

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Freight train

Intermodal Network Map

The extensive intermodal network across North America means there are intermodal lanes to cover many shippers’ needs, from Los Angeles to New York, Chicago to Houston, and even Edmonton to Mexico City.

InTek has multiple service options at competitive prices to meet your requirements for dry and temp-controlled freight. Just let us know your shipping needs, and we'll find you an intermodal solution, whether it’s in the U.S. or crossing the borders of Mexico and Canada.

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intermodal netwok map

Source: IANA


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intermodal misconceptions ebook

Find out the most common misconceptions of intermodal transportation

Intermodal is commonly thought of as slow, unreliable, and complicated, but that’s not at all the case with today's door-to-door intermodal service. The railroads have made and continue to make substantial investments in infrastructure, technology and people to give intermodal truck-like characteristics, while being cost and transit competitive on lanes over 700 miles.

After you’ve taken a look at the intermodal network map, join us as we bust some intermodal myths with our free Intermodal Misconceptions eBook.

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