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InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast

Stay up to date on all things freight, logistics and supply chain, with headlines, hot topics, expert interviews and more - plus a little fun along the way - on InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast.


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Episode 0: Trailer

Get a quick introduction to InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast and what to expect in the weeks ahead.

Episode 1: Intermodal Through the Years

Hear a firsthand account of intermodal transportation's evolution, complete with stories, from 2021 IANA Silver Kingpin Award Winner Jeff Brashares with CMA CGM.

Episode 2: Predicting the Freight Market in 2023

Get insights into the freight market now and for the rest of 2023 through 5 questions with InTek CEO Rick LaGore, plus news on inflation and a Girl Scout cookie shortage.

Episode 3: March NCAA basketball logistics, announcing & more with IU's Chuck Crabb

Hear from Indiana University legend Chuck Crabb about the logistics behind two unusual NCAA tournament circumstances, plus a dose of Bob Knight and an announcing sample.

Episode 4: Women in Logistics & Building a Business

Learn about women in logistics leadership, growing a business, mentorship and more with Kristy Knichel of Knichel Logistics.

Episode 5: In Depth with the Intermodalist

Go in-depth with The Intermodalist Larry Gross on his background, the RoadRailer, careers in freight, analytics, photography and more.

Episode 6: Covering Freight: Transportation Journalism

Hear from Ari Ashe on his background, his process for covering the freight market as a transportation journalist and more.

Episode 7: Breaking Down Fraudulent Double Brokering

Learn about fraudulent double brokering, including warning signs of broker fraud and how to stop it with TIA President & CEO Anne Reinke.

Episode 8: The SmartWay to Sustainability

Find out how the freight industry is tackling sustainability with the help of the EPA SmartWay partnership, and the positive environmental impact it continues to make.

Episode 9: Graduating to an Intermodal Career

We discuss why an intermodal career is so fulfilling - and the many opportunities to get into the field and further your education - with IANA VP Hal Pollard.

Episode 10: All About the UIIA

Learn everything you need to know about the UIIA - Uniform Intermodal Interchange and Facilities Access Agreement - with IANA VP Debbie Sasko.

Episode 11: Data-Driven: Trucking & Sleep Plus Market Analysis

Find out what data analysis tells us about where the freight market stands and how sleep data can help trucking safety with DAT iQ's Dean Croke.

Episode 12: Producing a Productive Produce Shipping Operation

During Produce Season 2023, learn the ins and outs of shipping this unique type of freight regarding freshness, temperature control, timing and more, with SpartanNash Senior VP of Transportation and Logistics David Frizzell.

Episode 13: Transportation and Logistics Law

Find out details of a few hot-button legal issues currently facing the transportation and logistics industry with Benesch Law Partner Marc Blubaugh.

Episode 14: Freight Railroads and Climate Change

Learn how freight railroads are taking on climate change by further enhancing their environmental efficiency with AAR's Jordan Stone and Devin Sprinkle.

Episode 15: A Mid-2023 Market Update

In a roundtable discussion, CEO Rick LaGore and President Shelli Austin go over how the freight market looks halfway through 2023 - including their reactions to the down cycle, what the numbers say, how freight pros are reacting and what's to come.

Episode 16: Connecting the Continent

Learn about the newly merged CPKC railroad and how combining the forces of Canadian Pacific and Kansas City Southern railways is connecting North America with single line service.

Episode 17: EXPO & Inland: Transportation Events

Learn about September 2023's Intermodal EXPO presented by IANA and Inland Distribution Conference presented by the Journal of Commerce with IANA COO Rob Cannizzaro and JOC Senior Editor Ari Ashe.

Episode 18: Coaching Tips for Business

Learn about business coaching, who can benefit and how it helps the individual and company as a whole with Business Coach Tim Campsall.

Episode 19: Cross Border Shipping to - and from - Mexico

Learn about shipping cross border between the U.S. and Mexico, including how to navigate the challenges it can bring. Plus hear thoughts on nearshoring and the Mexican freight market.

Episode 20: Ransomware and Cyber Attacks

Learn about ransomware and cyber attacks, how they affect the freight industry - and beyond (plus how to prepare for cyber attack), with SonicWall's Jeremiah Vanderneut.

Episode 21: Halloween Treats - Not Tricks

Learn about the state of candy and chocolate heading into Halloween 2023 with Carly Schildhaus of the National Confectioners Association.

Episode 22: Exploring the New Border

Explore the New Border solution to cross border shipping between the U.S. and Mexico, with Spearpoint Logistics CEO Richard Miller.

Episode 23: Intermodal Rises in Mexico

Learn how intermodal is on the rise in Mexico and the many advantages it offers as the trucking industry faces questions, with Transportès EASO COO and Mexican Intermodal Association (AMTI) President Diego Anchustegui.

Episode 24: 'Tis the (Holiday Shopping) Season

Get the projections for holiday shopping season 2023 and thoughts on freight from the retail perspective with Jon Gold of the National Retail Federation (NRF).

Episode 25: Taking Final Mile Sustainability Up a Notch

Learn about a new technology solution aimed at making final mile delivery more efficient, and sustainable - plus a look at holiday retail and ecommerce - with The Eighth Notch Founding Member Mike Robinson.

Episode 26: Analyzing Rail & Intermodal

Hear about the state of domestic rail and intermodal - including where we stand in the freight cycle and Mexico's area of opportunity - with expert industry analyst Tony Hatch.

Episode 27: California AB5 & Independent Trucking

Get an update on California's AB5 law and how it's affecting independent truck drivers - especially of the interstate variety - with OOIDA Government Affairs Counsel Paul Torlina.

Episode 28: The 2024 Freight Outlook

Take a look ahead at freight in 2024 and hear what we expect the market to do throughout the year - and when a recovery may occur.

Episode 29: AI in Supply Chain & Logistics

Get a primer on AI in supply chain & logistics - where it is and where it's going - with supply chain expert Bart De Muynck.

Episode 30: A TMS Success

Learn how finding the right TMS - transportation management system - software can propel a successful logistics business, with Rexing Companies' Director of Operations Rachel Johnson.

Episode 31: Intermodal Savings & Service

Learn about the Intermodal Savings Index and Intermodal Service Scorecard - and get a recap of TPM24 with the Journal of Commerce's Ari Ashe.

Episode 32: Union Pacific & Mexico Freight Rail

Learn about Union Pacific Railroad's 30-plus year history in Mexico, nearshoring and UP's latest cross-border intermodal solutions with VP of Marketing & Sales, Beto Vargas.

Episode 33: Supply Chain Opportunities with Michelle Livingstone

Long-time supply chain leader Michelle Livingstone joins us to talk about paying it forward to create new opportunities, especially for women, in logistics leadership positions.

Episode 34: Shipping Olive the Olives

Learn all about olives including how they're packaged, the farm to table pipeline, how they're moved via intermodal and truck and the use of managed freight with Musco Family Olive Company's Michael Lin.

Episode 35: Machine Learning and Supply Chain Management

Learn how optimal machine learning can enhance supply chain management, plus how the job has changed over the years, with Dr. Naren Agrawal of Santa Clara University.

Episode 36: Ocean Container Intermodal

Our first ever guest Jeff Brashares with CMA CGM joins us to discuss another intermodal option available - ocean container repositioning.

Episode 37: Getting accustomed to Mexico Customs

Learn how to navigate customs when shipping between Mexico and the United States with Antonio Luna of Vitti Logistics.