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InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast

Stay up to date on all things freight, logistics and supply chain, with headlines, hot topics, expert interviews and more - plus a little fun along the way - on InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast.


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Episode 0: Trailer

Get a quick introduction to InTek Freight & Logistics: The Podcast and what to expect in the weeks ahead.

Episode 1: Intermodal Through the Years

Hear a firsthand account of intermodal transportation's evolution, complete with stories, from 2021 IANA Silver Kingpin Award Winner Jeff Brashares with CMA CGM.

Episode 2: Predicting the Freight Market in 2023

Get insights into the freight market now and for the rest of 2023 through 5 questions with InTek CEO Rick LaGore, plus news on inflation and a Girl Scout cookie shortage.

Episode 3: March NCAA basketball logistics, announcing & more with IU's Chuck Crabb

Hear from Indiana University legend Chuck Crabb about the logistics behind two unusual NCAA tournament circumstances, plus a dose of Bob Knight and an announcing sample.

Episode 4: Women in Logistics & Building a Business

Learn about women in logistics leadership, growing a business, mentorship and more with Kristy Knichel of Knichel Logistics.

Episode 5: In Depth with the Intermodalist

Go in-depth with The Intermodalist Larry Gross on his background, the RoadRailer, careers in freight, analytics, photography and more.

Episode 6: Covering Freight: Transportation Journalism

Hear from Ari Ashe on his background, his process for covering the freight market as a transportation journalist and more.

Episode 7: Breaking Down Fraudulent Double Brokering

Learn about fraudulent double brokering, including warning signs of broker fraud and how to stop it with TIA President & CEO Anne Reinke

Episode 8: The SmartWay to Sustainability

Find out how the freight industry is tackling sustainability with the help of the EPA SmartWay partnership, and the positive environmental impact it continues to make.