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About InTek Freight & Logistics

Who We Are

InTek Freight & Logistics Inc is a North American-focused logistics company founded and led by experienced industry professionals that delivers the highest level of logistics service.

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What Sets Us Apart

  1. Our leadership is actively involved in solving our customers' logistics challenges. 
  2. InTek’s Operational Team is aligned by customer versus shift and task, which positions us front and center with visibility necessary to quickly resolve issues.
  3. We push the envelope on leading supply chain technology but maintain the human element to ensure we meet each customer's unique needs.
  4. We efficiently navigate our customers' shipments through supply chain bottlenecks letting them continue to focus on making their business GREAT.

How We Started - Then to Now

In 2003, InTek Freight & Logistics founders/owners Rick LaGore and Shelli Austin set out to solve a problem: as part of operating more than 3 million square feet of distribution center and packaging services for PepsiCo, the beverage company needed to improve the distribution of Gatorade. Their solution? Open non-asset freight broker operations to support PepsiCo's DC operations, backfilling failed pick-ups with capacity sooner than their expedited carrier could - and at a lower price.InTek_ShelliAustin_RickLaGore_Fast25-2021-600x400

Thus, InTek was born, with a mission to offer a reliable freight 53’ capacity solution that delivered as promised on service, without constant emails and phone calls requesting status. Over the years, Rick and Shelli sought to narrow their focus, and became a leader in the domestic intermodal market. The business worked under another 3PL until 2016, when Rick and Shelli purchased their division of the company to officially found InTek Freight & Logistics.

The purchase allowed InTek’s team to invest in technology and people in a way that set a new course for the organization where its business is divided into three distinct segments:

  1. Non-Asset Freight Capacity
  2. Outsourced Transportation Management Services
  3. Re-Seller - Integrator - Support of the MercuryGate Cloud TMS

These three divisions offer a full range of logistics services for a capacity challenged market where shippers’ are demanding more from their freight providers. More and more shippers have embraced this strategic direction by entrusting their business in InTek. The result is InTek Freight & Logistics grew 242% between 2018 and 2020, which put it as the Indiana Business Journal's 3rd fastest-growing privately held company in Indianapolis, according to the IBJ Fast 25 list.

In the freight and logistics industry, InTek continues a partnership started in 2012 with the Journal of Commerce (JOC) - the oldest commerce magazine publication in the world - on its intermodal spot rate index. And InTek President Shelli Austin is currently in her second 3-year term with the Intermodal Association of North America (IANA) board, currently serving as Vice Chair.

It all started with a sports drink, and we at InTek have not looked back since. Our story has held constant. We have walked in the shoes of shippers and are therefore uniquely positioned to help solve their service, capacity and price logistics and supply chain challenges.

  • Hear directly from customers about the advantages of choosing InTek for your company's freight & logistics challenges.

  • Learn how InTek can provide freight capacity when others cannot.

  • See why InTek's operational model based around customer versus shift & task provides a superior service level.

  • And meet our dedicated team!


Who We Serve - Industries

  • Food and Beverage
  • Apparel & Shoes
  • Medical Supplies
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Consumer Staples
  • High Value Consumer Goods
  • Bulk Paper & Packaging Products
  • Industrial Supplies
  • Steel
  • Bulk Plastics
  • Automotive & Marine Parts
  • Animal Feed and Nutritional Products
  • Lawn & Garden 
  • Housing Supplies
  • Furniture
  • ...and a Variety of Other Freight of All Kinds (FAK) Services

Just a Few of the Hundreds of Companies That Trust Us

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What We Use - Logistics Technology

The logistics industry is ever-evolving, and so is the technology that supports it. At InTek, we stay on the cutting edge to provide our clients with the latest features in freight and logistics technology. With the industry-leading baseline of the MercuryGate TMS platform, we integrate additional software solutions to enhance our operations, including:

  • Shipment Track & Trace - Both Truckload and Intermodal
  • Route & Rating Engines
  • Manage & Monitor Carrier Information,
  • Insurance & Safety Records
  • Freight Audit & Pay
  • Document Management
  • Freight Brokering
  • Market Data & Rates
  • Mapping & Analysis
  • Financial Management, Reporting & Analysis

Join Our Team

Here at InTek Freight & Logistics, we're always looking for sharp, ambitious and enthusiastic professionals to join our team.

If you're a team player with strong communication skills and a high level of comfort working with technology, chances are you'll be a success with us at InTek.

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Enough About Us...Let's Talk About You!

Schedule a free consultation with a member of our team to find a supply chain solution that meets your needs.

Managed Transportation Services

Shippers of all sizes can advance their supply chain through InTek's customized managed logistics solutions that delivers a competitive advantage.  Intek has the flexibility to design an outsourced managed TM solution that will fit your specific requirements within almost any budget allowing you to focus your resources on what you do best.


TMS Technology Services

As a certified MercuryGate (MG) reseller, InTek helps those shippers looking to upgrade their transportation management software (TMS) to the MG cloud-based system or those wanting to optimize their current MG TMS platform; implement new functionality; integrate & test; or train its users.  Either way InTek has a solution for you.

Domestic Capacity Solutions

InTek leverages its 35,000 asset carrier base and direct relationships with the Class I railroads to help shippers access truckload, intermodal, LTL, expedited and rail boxcar capacity at competitive prices.  By combining domestic capacity solutions with InTek's other services allows shippers to bring all their logistics needs under one roof.


Cross Border and International Solutions

InTek handles freight moving cross-border between US, Canada and Mexico, along with international ocean and air services, which makes for a one-stop call for any shipper needing domestic and international capacity options.