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Drive Truckload Shipping: LTL & FTL Freight Solutions

The full truckload (FTL) and less-than-truckload (LTL) marketplaces can be daunting, but shipping with the right contracted motor carriers and the latest freight technology can deliver major cost and service benefits for your business.

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Optimize LTL Consolidation and Pooling

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Protect Your Freight with Contingent Cargo Coverage

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Move Specialty Freight - Teams, Flatbed, Liquid & Hazmat

How your business benefits from truckload freight shipping

  • Get your freight where it needs to go, quickly
  • Shipping by truck offers flexible route options to account for temperatures, severe weather and infrastructure issues
  • Truckload can handle both short-haul and long-haul journeys
  • Technology allows you to track shipments, optimize routes and more
  • Access to InTek's thousands of licensed motor carrier partners - and our ability to convert some or all freight to intermodal to ensure the best service and rate combination
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Our truckload shipment success stories

"Thanks so much!!!!! FOR EVERYTHING! [InTek is] awesome to work with."

- Gina Akel, Senior Manager - Domestic Logistics, McKesson

"When I look at [our previous] 3PL services compared to now, much better value, follow up, service, transparency. We made the right decision."

- Jeff Russett, Director of Transportation, Paperworks Industries

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Your truckload service options

Which truckload shipping option is right for you?

Truckload shipping refers to moving freight of all kinds via truck. For full truckload, that means the trailer is full of one shipper's products. Less than truckload conversely, involves combining smaller loads from multiple shippers onto one trailer. FTL vs. LTL likely comes down to how much freight you're moving, whether it's:

freight truckload

Dry Van

reefer truck

Refrigerated (Reefer)

Flatbed truck


Full truckload shipping

Full truckload freight typically involves loading a 53 foot semi trailer at a warehouse, distribution center or from a transloaded container. A single truck driver is then responsible for transporting the load over the road from origin to destination, where the shipper unloads it.

Less than truckload shipping

Less than truckload (LTL) shipping uses the same type of equipment, but involves sharing space. An LTL shipment involves freight consolidation, in which the carrier consolidates freight from multiple shippers into one 53’ trailer. At a destination cross-docking facility, the freight is separated and staged for final-mile delivery.

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According to the US Department of Transportation, there are over 700,000 registered motor carriers and another 17,000 freight brokers. With so many options, it can be difficult identifying the “right fit” for your company.

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