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At InTek Freight and Logistics, we value our partnerships in the industry and with our customers. Our partners are integral to our goal to provide long-term freight solutions that enhance your customer experience, control costs, and allow you to focus on running your business.

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At InTek, we’re proud to partner with the following organizations:



Bloomberg Logo


Bloomberg is a privately held financial, software, data, and media company.  Bloomberg L.P. provides financial software tools such as an analytics and equity trading platform, data services, and news to financial companies and organizations through the Bloomberg Terminal (via its Bloomberg Professional Service), its core revenue-generating product. InTek provides Bloomberg its intermodal spot rates and trend analysis.


Freight Waves logo


FreightWaves is the leading source for information about freight markets and is cited in publications as original material, including the largest news sites in the world: Bloomberg, Washington Post, WSJ, Reuters, NY Times, CNBC, TechCrunch, Wired, Forbes, Fortune and more.


FreightWaves gathers billions of individual data points through various partnerships established with some of the largest and most important data providers in the freight industry, which they use to understand and model near-time changes and impacts to the freight market, giving us an understanding of how things like weather, economic activity, technology, and regulations change the freight markets. InTek provides FreightWaves its intermodal spot rates and trend analysis.

Gross Transportation Consulting

Gross Transportation Consulting Logo


Gross Consulting is a premier consulting group focused on helping shippers, carriers and anyone else needing in-depth analysis of the intermodal market to drive better results in their business. InTek provides Gross its intermodal spot rates and trend analysis.


TriumphPay logo


InTek partners with TriumphPay to use its revolutionary freight audit, pay and document management processes. Their affordable AI platform uses optical character recognition (OCR) and machine learning to automatically process invoices, bill customers and manage documents - making transactions instantaneous and paperless.

The cloud based system is super-easy, super-smart, and getting smarter all the time. With TriumphPay, logistics companies work 4x faster, cash moves faster, and both happen without mistakes.

Journal of Commerce

Journal of Commerce Logo


InTek provides weekly spot rates on heavy volume 53' door-to-door domestic intermodal lanes, along with the market commentary to the Journal of Commerce (JOC) for use in its expanding coverage of the North American intermodal market. With the continued growth of domestic intermodal, the JOC is expanding coverage of the intermodal market and the supply chains and logistics strategies it supports. The JOC uses the spot rates provided by InTek to publish a weekly article on JOC.com analyzing the latest pricing developments and trends.


Mercury Gate logo


InTek is a MercuryGate-certified integrator and value-added reseller. We both use the MercuryGate platform for our own TMS (transportation management system) and offer others the opportunity to purchase it with setup and oversight from our experts as well. MercuryGate provides powerful transportation management solutions proven to be a competitive advantage for today’s most successful shippers, 3PLs, freight forwarders, brokers, and carriers.

 MercuryGate’s solutions are unique in their native support of all modes of transportation on a single platform including Parcel, LTL, Truckload, Air, Ocean, Rail, and Intermodal. Through the continued release of innovative, results-driven technology and a commitment to making customers successful, MercuryGate delivers exceptional value for TMS users through improved productivity and operational efficiency. MercuryGate offers business intelligence to improve transportation processes, increase customer satisfaction, and reduce costs.


Railinc logo


Railinc is the railroad industry's innovative and reliable resource for technology solutions - the largest and most accurate source for real-time interline rail data. Railinc delivers more than nine million messages each day over its electronic data interchange (EDI) network, including transportation waybills, advance train consists, blocking requests and responses, and trip plans.

Railinc tracking and tracing services help customers identify cars and their shipments in the rail network.


SmartWay logo


InTek Freight & Logistics takes the environmental issues associated with logistics and the concept of supply chain sustainability seriously.  To monitor our own impact on the environment and help promote sustainable supply chains, InTek is SmartWay certified and we see real value in others participating in the EPA SmartWay Program as well.


InTek’s SmartWay ID: 35679342.


To learn more please read SmartWay Certification Explained.


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"InTek's service commitment is second to none. As a result, InTek is the first non-asset provider to ever receive the carrier of the year award from Guitar Center."

- Matt Sessoms, Transportation Manager, Guitar Center

"When I look at [our previous] 3PL services compared to now, much better value, follow up, service, transparency. We made the right decision."

- Jeff Russett, Director of Transportation, Paperworks Industries


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