InTek Freight and Logistics is proud to partner with the following organizations:

InTek provides weekly spot rates on heavy volume 53' door-to-door domestic intermodal lanes, along with the market commentary to the Journal of Commerce (JOC) for use in its expanding coverage of the North American intermodal market. With the continued growth of domestic intermodal, the JOC is expanding coverage of the intermodal market and the supply chains and logistics strategies it supports. The JOC uses the spot rates provided by R² to publish a weekly article on JOC.com analyzing the latest pricing developments and trends.

Peter Tirschwell, Senior Vice President for Strategy for the JOC, stated, "Based on the growth and importance of domestic intermodal, the JOC aims to provide readers with a reliable and consistent source of market information and trend anaylysis. Increasingly, shippers are turning to intermodal to lower costs while maintaining reliability and flexibility in their supply chains. In light of this, we are pleased to work with R² to offer a regular, deeper look into the intermodal market."


Streamline, a subsidiary of Union Pacific Railroad, provides truck-like door-to-door service to the marketplace using industry-leading technology.  InTek utilizes Streamline's services to provide intermodal alternatives to mid-tier shippers.  The agreement to co-market services with InTek will improve awareness of the benefits of intermodal transportation in the shipping community and position InTek and Streamline as solution providers.

"For 5 years, Streamline has focused on driving highway conversions to Union Pacific Railroad," said Kari Kirchhoefer, Streamline's Assistant Vice President.  "Our co-marketing agreement with InTek was a great opportunity to work with a long-term customer who can position both companies to capitalize on the growing market."

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