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Achieve TMS Integration Services - Certified MercuryGate TMS Reseller

Having the right transportation management system (TMS) is a must to take advantage of all the ways this technology optimizes your logistics processes. As a certified reseller, integrator and support provider for the industry leading MercuryGate TMS, let us put our knowledge and use of this powerful software to work for your business.

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Enjoy cutting-edge logistics technology


Streamline your transportation operations

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Enhance your bottom line


Improve your customer service

Get expert support with your TMS integration

  • Consult with our specialists to plan the scope of your company's TMS needs
  • Consider the many add-ons available that best suit your business
  • Let us get your MercuryGate solution up and running
  • Get direct training for staff who will work with your transport management systems solution
  • Benefit from ongoing troubleshooting and support from MercuryGate experts who have handled numerous successful TMS integrations
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Realize exclusive benefits from InTek’s MercuryGate TMS partnership

  • Get knowledgeable help finding the best TMS software followed by custom implementation and ongoing expert support
  • Save on costs to get up and running, then save again on your logistics operational expenses
  • Tailor your MercuryGate TMS implementation to your company's specific needs
  • Enjoy a partner with deep product knowledge who uses and improves the TMS every day
  • Beyond elevated product understanding, get an influential line to MercuryGate to provide feedback on improvements and further customization options
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Join other companies benefiting from MercuryGate TMS

Why choose InTek?

Running your logistics with InTek and MercuryGate transportation management system software means streamlined operations with cutting edge technology that's constantly improving - and expertise to make it work for you.


What makes InTek TMS services different?

Handle all your logistics operations in one place with your customized MercuryGate transportation management system and benefit from simplified capacity solutions, route optimization, shipment track and trace, back office automation and more.


Key features of a TMS

A TMS is a feature-rich control tower for planning, managing, executing & optimizing inbound and outbound freight shipments. Selecting a TMS involves navigating a competitive market and deciding which key features are most important to you.

Visibility, reporting & analytics

Track your loads across freight modes from start to finish, and get real-time analysis of your operation along with shareable, custom reports.

Logistics and supply chain data repository

Make informed, data-driven decisions by comparing your freight shipping operation over time and with the market as a whole.

Freight settlement for audit & pay

Working with TMS software lets you cut out the paperwork and automate processes to pay - and get paid - on time and error free.

Invoicing functionality & management

Create, pay and easily access itemized, transparent invoices to smooth interactions between shipper, carrier and 3PL.

Carrier management

Get immediate rate quotes from multiple carriers and real-time awareness of carrier service, managing the entire shipment life cycle and benchmarking carrier performance against commitments.

Route & load optimization

Optimize your load movement on both rate contracts and mode that will meet the required pick-up and delivery schedules.

TMS Key Features


Empower your business with TMS support from InTek



Managed Transportation Cover


Get TMS insights and tips

If you're interested in implementing a TMS to enjoy the benefits of the software, but worried about having the bandwidth to run your logistics operation, don't fret. In our eBook, we'll explain how "going managed" with a Managed Transportation solution that uses the best TMS software gives you the best of both worlds. 



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