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eBook: The Complete Guide to Intermodal Transportation

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Logistics managers are constantly trying to solve the cost, service and capacity equation for their company and customers. One shipping strategy worth noting to maximize the combination of these elements is intermodal freight transportation.

Intermodal Transportation is a reliable, efficient way for shipping freight. Yet for a number of reasons intermodal's potential has been heavily undervalued. This eBook will show how valuable intermodal can be in many scenarios.

Intermodal Pillar Cover - Complete Guide to IntermodalTable of Contents

  • Intermodal vs Truckload Shipping: A Side-by-Side Comparison
  • Is Intermodal Transportation the Right Fit for Your Company?
  • Common Issues and Misconceptions Around Intermodal Transportation
  • The Benefits of Intermodal Transportation
  • The Cost of Intermodal Transportation
  • Getting Started with Intermodal Transportation

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