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eBook: The Comprehensive Guide on Managed Transportation Services

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An Aberdeen Group study found 83% of companies are aware of the cost and service impact transportation has on the overall supply chain performance of their company. They see transportation as more than just an isolated budget line item to be monitored. To change results for the better, many shippers realize it's time to enact a managed transportation service strategy through a well-respected logistics service provider. Learn what MTS is, and more, in our eBook.

comprehensive guideTable of Contents

  • Managed Transportation - A Game Changer
  • What Is Managed Transportation
  • Services Within a Managed Transportation Services
  • When to Bring Managed TM Service Strategy to a Business
  • Taking Transportation to a Higher Level
  • The Financial Value of a Managed TM Program and How to Calculate the ROI
  • Inbound Transportation - The Next Frontier
  • Implementation

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