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eBook: MercuryGate Certified Integrator Channel Partner: Benefits & Value

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Need a transportation management system so you and your team can plan, execute, report, analyze and optimize the inbound and outbound flow of products?

This is where working with a MercuryGate value-added reseller (VAR) Partner and Integrator comes into play. In this partnership, MercuryGate brings the best TMS cloud technology platform to the table, which they continue to focus their internal resources to improve and enhance. Meanwhile, the VAR focuses on helping companies looking to drive the best supply chain technology in their selection process. They also partner in the implementation, integration, testing, training and optimization phases of the project.

cost pillar cover copyTable of Contents

  • What Is a Certified MercuryGate Integrator?
  • About MercuryGate TMS Software
  • What You Should Know about the InTek & MercuryGate Partnership
  • Benefits of Working with an Integrator Channel Partner

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