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Customized Logistics Solutions that Drives a Competitive Advantage.

Managed Transportation & Logistics Services.
Intermodal, Truckload, LTL, Expedite, Rail, Cross-Border, International and MercuryGate Integrator.


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Intermodal continues to be the fastest growing mode of freight transportation, but many shippers remain on the sidelines because of misconceptions they have on intermodal transportation. Find the truth on the misconceptions in this ebook.

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We listen to our customers problems and develop truly innovative logistics solutions that offer them long-term value. From the first shipment, we begin capturing and analyzing our customer's shipment data to help them identify additional value and performance in their supply chains to solve their cost, capacity, service equation.


There is not a day that goes by where InTek is not investing in its technology. MercuryGate is our TMS cloud partner technology that we leverage to its greatest capabilites. We do not shy away or re-brand this partnership as it is the BEST TMS technology platform in the industry, as identified by the Gartner Magic Quadrant on a yearly basis.


InTek's team is knowledgable and passionate about doing its very best for the customer. We are proactive on ensuring on-time every time, but we are not infoulable. What sets us part is when things get off the tracks we address the issues straight on with transparency and come with options to make the best of a bad situation.

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Managed Transportation Services

Shippers of all sizes can advance their supply chain through InTek's customizable managed logistics solutions that delivers a competitve advantage.

Truckload, LTL & Expedited Capacity Services

Take advantage of InTek's network of 35,000 active and approved base of reliable North American carriers that allows our customers to rest easy knowing we have them covered.

Intermodal Transportation Services

Leverage InTek's class I railroad relationships, industry leadership and knowledge in the intermodal and rail market to bring additional capacity and value to your supply chain.

Rail Freight Fleet Management

Shippers can now realize value added services through InTek's rail division. InTek takes away the worries, so you can focus on your business. Boxcar, Covered Hoppers, Flatcars, Gondolas, Open Top Hoppers ... and more.

Cross Border Shipping

InTek offers shippers numerous options to effectively navigate the regulatory, transit, cost and security challenges that are critical points in cross-border shipping associated with Canada-Mexico-United States.

International - Ocean & Air

Simplify your international logitics challenges by partnering with InTek to managed mode selection, customs regulations and trade compliance filings to expand your global reach easily and effectively.

TMS Technology Services

InTek helps shippers to upgrade their transportation management software solution to MercuryGates's cloud based system or wanting to optimize their current MercuryGate TMS platform; implement new functionality; integrate and test; or train its users.

Supply Chain Consulting & Coaching Services

InTek helps companies harness their logistics data to identify specific areas to optimize its supply chain for cost, capacity and service, then helps to coach their team through implementation and continuous improvement.

"InTek's service is exceptional. We are so satisfied with our switch from previous vendors to InTek."

Logistics Manager | Cowart Mulch

"I have nothing but good things to say about InTek. They have consistently been one of our best logistics service providers."

Director of Supply Chain | Full Beauty Brands

"Thank you very much team InTek! You make my life easy. Your service and pride are second to none. Your operational support and market advice has helped to drive our growth."

Director of Transportation | PaperWorks

"Wow! We have never had this kind of rail service until we went with InTek Freight & Logsitics ."

Logistics Manager | Magotteaux

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