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Providing Apparel & Shoes shipping services so you can focus on making your business even better.

At InTek Freight & Logistics, our team of experts uses proven technology, processes and knowledge to offer freight solutions for a variety of apparel products, including shoes. Let us ship your clothing, footwear and other textiles while you focus on running your business.

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Optimize your logistics costs and resources


Turn your shipping and logistics into a competitive advantage


Focus on running your business


Enhance your customer experience

Shipping apparel and shoes freight may seem simple, but businesses who go it alone may find themselves…

  • Unable to meet changing inventory needs
  • Inflexible when capacity challenges arise
  • Unprepared to take advantage of lower rates
  • Paying a premium for unnecessary storage

At InTek, we understand that shipping apparel and shoes freight involves many layers - whether they come from across the ocean or closer to home. With unique challenges relating to seasonality, sell through, product positioning and anything the supply chain has in store, you can trust InTek to help your business navigate whatever issues arise, because we do it every day.

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Apparel & Shoes Freight By the Numbers


Of clothing spends time on a ship

$2.5 trillion

Global fashion industry economic impact


Of textiles originate in China

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Why Use a 3PL for Apparel and Shoes Shipping?

A 3PL (third-party logistics) provider like InTek with a proven track record coordinating movement of apparel and shoes freight can offer shippers many advantages, including:

  • Collaborating on a holistic logistics strategy
  • Ensuring proper packing to keep moisture out
  • Leveraging connections with carriers and warehouses for freight and storage capacity
  • Implementation and management of a customized, powerful TMS (transportation management software) system
  • Better performance and cost savings

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250 Pixel Final Cover - The Comprehensive Guide on Manages Transportation


Learn how a managed transportation strategy can enhance shipping operations for apparel, shoes and more.

An Aberdeen Group study found 83% of companies are aware of the cost and service impact transportation has on the overall supply chain performance of their company. They see transportation as more than just an isolated budget line item to be monitored.

To change results for the better, many shippers realize it's time to enact a managed transportation service strategy through a well-respected logistics service provider. At InTek, we have experience enacting such a strategy for shippers of apparel, shoes and many other products. Learn what MTS is, its benefits, and how to get started in our eBook, "The Comprehensive Guide on Managed Transportation Services."


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