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Retail Logistics Solutions: Shipping Apparel and Shoes

Transporting your clothing, shoes and other fashion products for retail can be a challenge, as there are specific requirements to get them to customers on-time and intact. That's why you need a well-versed logistics provider in the fashion industry who can offer intermodal and over-the-road freight solutions tailored to your business.

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Challenges of apparel logistics

  • Constantly changing inventory needs due to seasonality and product lifecycle
  • Capacity challenges with preferred freight modes
  • Unfamiliarity with the product by a transportation partner without apparel logistics expertise
  • Elevated warehousing costs to stage inventory with lower sell-through
  • Last minute changes due to unforeseen demand and other factors
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Apparel & shoes freight by the numbers

The apparel supply chain takes textiles and shoes on an often lengthy journey, as they nearly always enter the U.S. via ocean port. To make valuable clothing and fashion supply chains hum, an experienced domestic logistics partner is needed to reach retail consumers.



Of clothing spends time on a ship

$2.5 trillion

Global fashion industry economic impact


Of textiles originate in China


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3PL solutions for your fashion company

A 3PL - third-party logistics provider - can handle all your shipping needs, from planning to execution of your freight strategy. For companies specializing in apparel, a 3PL provider can offer help with inventory flexibility, warehousing and of course, booking freight for retail delivery.

Why choose InTek for apparel 3PL?

Gain a competitive advantage for your business by shipping with InTek, an experienced and reliable logistics provider for the fashion industry. Our staff expertise plus the latest technology mean your apparel and shoes freight benefits from:

  • Collaborating on a holistic fashion logistics strategy
  • Help with packing techniques to keep moisture out
  • Direct connections with carriers and warehouses for freight and storage capacity
  • Implementation and management of a customized, powerful TMS (transportation management software) system to integrate inventory, shipping and back office in one place
  • Better performance and cost savings
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Fashion businesses like yours require product and supply chain knowledge from your freight provider. InTek stands out from other retail logistics companies with retail logistic solutions adapted to your unique needs.

Optimize your operations with advanced apparel freight solutions



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Enhance your apparel freight operations

With the many elements involved in the constantly evolving fashion industry, it can pay off for a business like yours to hand off freight responsibilities to the experts so you can focus on next season's lineup. Learn how a managed transportation service strategy through a well-respected logistics service provider can dramatically impact your bottom line.



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