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Intermodal is a Cost-Effective Alternative to Your 53' Capacity Requirements

intermodal rail rampInTek Freight and Logistics is a leader in the door-to-door domestic intermodal market helping shippers with reliable 53' intermodal services that maximize freight capacity, minimize cost and bring sustainability to their supply chain. 

InTek has direct relationships with all Class I Railroads to offer competitive pricing and best-in-class door-to-door intermodal service.

With just one call your company can be well on its way to solving its 53' capacity challenges by coverting and / or augmenting your truckload lanes with intermodal freight services.

InTek has access to over 100,000 53' intermodal containers, plus thousands and thousands of 40' and 45' ISO containers for inland freight movements.

Our leading-edge technology makes the transition from truckload to intermodal simple with up to the date tracking.

InTek offers surge, spot and committed pricing programs to provide intermodal capacity options for shippers of all sizes and all needs, including hazmat and temperature controlled solutions.


Key Advantages Intermodal has over Truckload

Average of 10% to 15% Cost Savings Over Truckload

Capacity Solution for Constrained Truckload Lanes

More Visibility with Up-To-The-Minute Tracking

Truck Competitive Transits

Enhanced Security

Decreases Highway Congestion

Improved Carbon Footprint


Watch this 6 minute video to learn more about intermodal and how it can help your company's logistics and supply chain strategy. 

Overview of Intermodal Transportation


Additional intermodal resources to better understand if intermodal is for your company: 

The Complete Guide to Intermodal Transportation, Benefits of Intermodal. (Beyond the Typical List)

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InTek's service commitment is second to none. As a result, InTek is the first non-asset provider to ever receive the carrier of the year award from Guitar Center.

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intermodal transportation

What Makes for a Good Intermodal Lane

Intermodal transportation is a cost effective alternative to offset truckload capacity challenges.  Characteristics that make for a good intermodal freight lane include: length of haul, origin - destination zip code pairings, dray distance to and from intermodal ramps, weight, etc.  We can help with your truckload to intermodal modal conversion evaluation.

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Intermodal versus Truckload Comparison

Intermodal and truckload are similar, but there are also differences shippers need to understand to get the most out of both modes of transportation to optimize their supply chain cost and performance.

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intermodal ramp network

Intermodal Network Map

InTek Freight and Logistics has direct relationships with all of the North American class I railroads in the country. As a result of these relationships, InTek provides some of the most comprehensive 53' intermodal services in the industry, plus 20' and 40' options that many intermodal marketing companies (IMC's) cannot access.

Dry and temp controlled 53' COFC and TOFC options are available.

To learn more about the availability and strength of this network, take a look at our intermodal network map.

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53' Intermodal Container Dimensions

InTek Freight & Logistics has access to over 250,000 domestic 53' containers to provide shippers additional capacity or help them in their modal conversion opportunities.  There are some differences in dimensions and weights that can be loaded in the various asset fleets.  

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temperature controlled freight

Temp Controlled Intermodal Service

InTek Freight & Logistics has temperature-controlled trailer on flatcar (TOFC) and container on flatcar (COFC) intermodal services available.  COFC reefer intermodal service opens up a whole new world for shippers that depend solely on truckload or TOFC intermodal for their temperature controlled freight.  COFC is a more cost effective alternative and equipment is on the high volume, capacity constrained lanes. 

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Intermodal Pricing

It is important to know the components of intermodal pricing do vary a bit from truckload, with accessorials being a bigger issue if the operational process is not well managed or the buyer is unaware of how intermodal is priced.

From a pricing perspective shippers have three options: contract, spot and project.

The important point and positive to note is contract pricing guarantees capacity and rates for a full twelve month period to help shippers avoid costly "peak" box surcharges and capacity issues that can be challenging during "peak season".

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ocean freight

Domestic Intermodal Service Using 40' & 45' Ocean Containers

The InTek ocean container domestic service model is based on relocating empty surplus ocean carrier equipment back to or as close to port locations or areas of deficit.  Our ocean carrier equipment partners provide an incentive to re-position their equipment. We use this incentive to provide a competitive door-to-door intermodal services.

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40' & 45' ISO Intermodal Container Dimensions

InTek Freight & Logistics has access to  thousands and thousands of 40' & 45' ISO intermodal containers through its ocean freight partnerships to give shippers an alternative to 53' intermodal and truckload for price and capacity advantages.

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USA Canada Mexico Intermodal

Intermodal Cross-Border Shipping USA-Canada-Mexico

Domestic intermodal is more than 53' capacity for the contingent lower 48 US states.  It is also 53' capapcity for freight moving between USA, Canada and Mexico.

Canadian cross-border freight operates similiar to the lower 48, but with additional paperwork and regulations associated around customs & tax declarations.

Mexico has a few more need-to-knows stemming from security and liability coverage.   The operational flow is either a rubber tire and steel wheel service options.

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Misconceptions of Intermodal

Some shippers are still apprehensive with the thought of utilizing intermodal in their logistics strategy because of misconceptions they have of the freight mode that include: slow transit, damage prone, unreliable, complicated, etc.  Hopefully after reading through the misconceptions you'll consider an intermodal strategy for your company.

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intermodal ramp trains and trucks

What is Intermodal Transportation

Intermodal transportation is the movement of freight via multiple methods of transportation, rail and truck. This method results in lower costs, additional capacity and decreased carbon footprint, making it an attractive option for shippers.

There are two basic types of intermodal: container on flat car (COFC) and trailer on flat car (TOFC).  Domestic intermodal containers are 53' and stay within North America.  There are both dry and temp controlled service options available.

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Intermodal Weight & Damage Prevention

Intermodal weight is the most common issue shippers have to deal with when it comes to their intermodal freight.  InTek's service experts will help you navigate this operational challenge to ensure your freight delivers on-time, undamaged and on budget.

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Intermodal Containers in Yard

Transloading Rail & Intermodal

InTek Freight and Logistics offers transloading services for both import and export freight at the major US ports. Our team can either perform inland movements via 53' domestic intermodal or truckload. As a result, shippers can better manage channel inventory needs at a reduced all-in cost.

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Inland Import Container Management Services

InTek helps companies looking for a better way to manage their import containers through to final delivery off the ports.

The program saves time, money and improves sell-through by getting the product to its customers quicker.

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Terms and Definitions

Intermodal Terms & Definitions

Interested in learning more about the common terms that you will hear and see throughout the transportation process? We have compiled a complete list of the most common industry terms and their definitions for your reference.

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Managed Transportation Services

Shippers of all sizes can advance their supply chain through InTek's customized managed logistics solutions that delivers a competitive advantage.  Intek has the flexibility to design an outsourced managed TM solution that will fit your specific requirements within almost any budget allowing you to focus your resources on what you do best.


TMS Technology Services

As a certified MercuryGate (MG) reseller, InTek helps those shippers looking to upgrade their transportation management software (TMS) to the MG cloud-based system or those wanting to optimize their current MG TMS platform; implement new functionality; integrate & test; or train its users.  Either way InTek has a solution for you.

Domestic Capacity Solutions

InTek leverages its 35,000 asset carrier base and direct relationships with the Class I railroads to help shippers access truckload, intermodal, LTL, expedited and rail boxcar capacity at competitive prices.  By combining domestic capacity solutions with InTek's other services allows shippers to bring all their logistics needs under one roof.


Cross Border and International Solutions

InTek handles freight moving cross-border between US, Canada and Mexico, along with international ocean and air services, which makes for a one-stop call for any shipper needing domestic and international capacity options.