Intermodal Misconceptions

Clear up any misconceptions about intermodal.

What do you think of when you hear the word 'intermodal'…slow, unreliable, complicated? This is just not the case with today's door-to-door intermodal service.intermodal misconceptions

Long Transit Times

InTek Freight and Logistics customers typically experience transit time equal to truck, plus a day. There are some lanes with expedited service that have the same transit as truck. Transits do stretch when the shipment needs to be interlined between railroads.

Unreliable Service

Intermodal service is consistently reliable. Our experience and volumes allow us to deliver via an intermodal service more assuringly than trucking the freight. The reliability of intermodal is so high that it is now an effective alternative for big box retail shipments to store or distribution centers.  

Little to No Competition

While it is true that the consolidations and mergers of the North American railways have limited the competition to specific corridors. However, the railroads focus on highway-to-rail conversion. They understand their customer base is currently using trucks to haul shipments, and this is where they are competing hard for the business.

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