What is Transloading?

Transloading is a Cost-Effective Way to Bring Ocean Containers Inland Efficiently.

Many shippers are surprised to find there can be a significant cost and transit improvement by transloading their maritime freight onto domestic 53' intermodal boxes versus using inland international intermodal services. In some lanes, InTek has been able to reduce customer transit times by as much as 50%, while still reducing costs. The increased CBM availability on a domestic container will allow three domestic moves for every four maritime containers.bb32f9e5f

Transloading offers the opportunity to assess product needs by up to the minute regional market needs and product can either be expedited because of stock out or realigned by regional sell through. There is also the possibility to perform a series of value added services at the time of transloading to customize product needs for the final mile preparation of the end consumer.

Through InTek Freight and Logistics, transloading and transportation services can be combined with our distribution and fulfillment capabilities for customers to experience a complete supply chain solution that drives a competitive advantage. The results are a more efficient and cost effective supply chain that will ultimately increase sales, improve customer service that in turn improves your bottom line.

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