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  • What is Intermodal?
  • What Makes for a Good Intermodal Lane
  • Intermodal Misconceptions
  • Intermodal Network Map
  • USA-Canada-Mexico Intermodal Capacity
  • Transloading
  • Temp Controlled Intermodal Service

What is Intermodal?

Intermodal is an alternative method to ship truckload freight through the use of rail and truck. Dray carriers are used for the origin pick-up and destination delivery between the railroad ramps, while the railroad is utilized for the long haul portion of the move. Intermodal provides capacity and saves money for shippers.

What Makes for a Good Intermodal Lane

There are a variety of characteristics that your business must evaluate when considering a conversion to intermodal. We will work with your business to determine the best course of action for your needs.

Intermodal Misconceptions

It is estimated that shippers leave 20 million loads per year on the road that would save both time and money by converting to intermodal. Give InTek the opportunity to clear up any uncertainties that your business may have about intermodal.

Intermodal Network Map

InTek Freight and Logistics has well established relationships with all North American Class I Railroads allowing for some of the most comprehensive 53' intermodal service programs in the industry.  InTek also provides 20' 40' and 45' intermodal transportation services.

USA-Canada-Mexico Intermodal Capacity

Domestic intermodal is more than just 53' USA intermodal capacity.  Canada and Mexico intermodal options are also available for shippers looking to convert or add capacity on their 53' shipping lanes.

Transloading & Cross Dock Services

Our team offers transloading and cross dock services across the country. Through our proven processes, customers receive higher cost savings and quicker transport times.

Temperature Controlled Intermodal Service

TOFC (trailer on flatcar) temperature controlled intermodal has up until recently been the only option for reefer intermodal service, but COFC (container on flatcar) is rapidly making waves.  Not only is COFC more cost effective, the technology within the containers delivers a higher level of service, visibility and control.

Truckload & LTL Freight Solutions


TL & LTL Capabilities

InTek Freight & Logistics dedicated operations team offers unparalleled customer service, along with competitive rates.  

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Temp Controlled

InTek has temp controlled Intermodal, Truckload and LTL solutions shippers require to comply with today's regulations.

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Freight Consolidation

$1.0 Million Cargo Coverage

InTek Freight & Logistics $1.0 million shipper interest cargo coverage is there regardless of the insurance amount offered by the carrier.

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Specialty Programs - Flatbed, Liquid, Consolidation

              Specialty Programs                Flatbed, Liquid, Consolidations

InTek is here to help those shippers looking for something different because we know shippers need more.

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Managed Transportation Services

Managed Operations


Shippers leverage the InTek technology, processes and team of industry experts to save money and improve performance.

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Inbound Freight Management

Often times inbound is the last frontier for shippers to conquer.  Make it your 1st by having InTek manage the inbound shipment process.

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Supply Chain Consulting

Supply Chain Coaching & TMS Technology Services

InTek brings its market intelligence and technology expertise for innovative solutions to optimize supply chain  performance. 

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InTek Freight and Logistics has the tools to operate any shipper's special project business within budget and on-time.

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Manged Transportation Services

Managed Transportation Services

Leverages the InTek team, technology and processes for your success.

Through the InTek Freight and Logistics Transportation Management Services, shippers gain immediate access to technology, a team of experts and repeatable processes that achieve faster results that optimize supply chain KPI's. 

Inbound Vendor Management

Inbound Freight Management

Create a harmonious inbound product flow that works for you.

Inbound freight is the lifeblood of an organization, but many times businesses lack the time to perfect their inbound product flow. InTek's technology, processes and people will provide your business the means to optimize, reduces costs, improve performance and hold vendors accountable to you.

Innovative Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Coaching & TMS Technology Services

Real Solutions to Complex Supply Chain Challenges

InTek's supply chain coaches leverage experience, technology and market intelligence to help shippers achieve their supply goals.  The InTek IT team helps companies optimize their MercuryGate TMS implementation, testing and optimization projects.

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Project & Seasonal Freight Management Solutions

Project & Seasonal Freight Management Services

#1 TMS in the Industry at YOUR finger tips for complete control.

InTek understands freight is more than moving product from point A to point B.  Project and seasonal freight requires white glove treatment for success.  On-time, within budget is a must for success.

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