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Transloading Services to Move Freight

Transloading involves moving goods via transfer between modes of transportation - and usually between containers or trailers. A well-tuned transloading process creates efficiencies in your supply chain that ultimately increase sales, improve customer service and lead to cost-saving, to deliver a stronger bottom line while also improving a company's order-to-cash cycle.

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With container and chassis shortages an ongoing problem, businesses that go freight & logistics alone are often unaware that transloader services...

  • Provide a solution to equipment shortages
  • Save on detention and storage charges
  • Offers flexibility to get product where it's needed, fast
  • Can work for any transportation method

At InTek Freight & Logistics, we work with transloading companies to enhance your  supply chain strategy, either out of necessity to keep freight moving or because of the many advantages it offers.

Learn More About the Advantages of Transloading

Forklift Transload (1)

Transloading Example

Transload Diagram (1)

There is more than one way to handle transloading. But a common example of container transloading services involves the transfer of ocean container contents to a dray truck at the port, then onto a distribution center or warehouse, before goods travel by rail to a final destination.


Benefits of Transloading

Cost Savings Icon

Cost and Transit Savings

In some lanes, InTek transloading solutions have reduced customer transit times as much as 50%, also at a lower cost. The increased cubic meter availability on a domestic container will allow three domestic moves for every four maritime containers - essentially one moves free.

Positioning Icon

Product Positioning Flexibility

Transloading gives companies the opportunity to assess product needs by up-to-the-minute regional market sell-through to best position the product across North America in their sales channels. Since the freight does take a stop-off at a port-located transload facility, it can also be realigned by region or expedited to fill stocking needs.

Scale Icon

Optimize Value-Added Services at Scale

There is also the possibility to perform a series of value-added services at the time of transloading to customize product needs for final mile preparation to the end consumer. This step can produce scale that will drive down costs for companies that have a multi-distribution center (DC) strategy - where each location is performing the same customization work at their facilities.

DC Optimize Icon

DC Optimization

The InTek Freight & Logistics transloading, transportation and port DC network can essentially serve as another warehousing location. Shippers can eliminate some inland freight movement to ship direct-to-customer versus taking the product inland and then shipping it back the other direction. This provides both cost and time savings.


Bonded Transloading Example

Bonded Transload Diagram (1)

For bonded freight (goods that have not yet cleared customs), there are bonded transloading options that allow for intermodal movement. The steps for bonded rail transloading are more complex, but they allow shippers to avoid having freight sit at the port awaiting clearance.

Learn More About Transloading

Watch our video to learn what is meant by transloading in freight & logistics and how transloading and intermodal are intertwined:

  • See why container & chassis shortages have led more shippers to turn to transloading
  • Learn about the flexibility transloading offers for trucks and trains - and steamship lines
  • Find out how transloading can save time and money
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