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Certified MercuryGate TMS Reseller, Integrator & Support Services

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TMS Technology Services for MercuryGate Users

The InTek Freight & Logistics was an early adopter of MercuryGate (MG) and attributes much of its success to the power of the MG cloud TMS platform. 

For over a decade InTek has used MG for its brokerage and managed TM services platform.  Through our experience integrating, testing, training and executing our business on MG, we have learned a great deal about the ins-and-outs of the platform and this experience is the bedrock of our TMS technology services division.

We help both third party logistics providers (LSP's) and shippers in their quest to implement, integrate, test interfaces, train and optimize their MercuryGate TMS system

InTek takes what it has learned over the years and leverages its MG relationship to help our TMS technology clients get the most out of their MG TMS on-time and within budget.

Watch this 6 minute video to learn more about the Intek - MercuryGate Reseller and Integrator Partnership and see how it will benefit your company.

Read MercuryGate Certified Integrator Channel Partner: Benefits & Value for more on how InTek can help your company with its cloud TMS initiative.

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For more on the TMS topic, we recommend reading Transportation Management System: Functionality, Benefits & Implementation Success Guide.

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MercuryGate TMS Reseller & Integration Partner

As a MercuryGate referral partner, InTek helps potential users of the MG platform navigate the resources, demos and questions they may have in their TMS buying journey.

Our base of knowledge helps buyers have a hands-on experience in their purchase decision making process and after the decision is made InTek is there to help in implementation, integration, training and execution of the MercuryGate TMS.

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Transportation Management Software Pricing

When purchasing a TMS software package the first question to ask is should we choose a cloud-based or licensed software.  Learn more as we breakdown how these two TMS platforms compare in 10 important categories to give buyers the important points to consider when purchasing a transportation management system for their company.

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Why InTek for Your TMS Technology Service & Support

InTek executes tens of 1,000's of shipments a year on the MG platform, as a broker and managed TM service provider, which gives us first-hand knowledge of what it takes to execute, communicate, report and analyze freight from both a shipper and carrier perspective.

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MercuryGate Training

As a MercuryGate TMS house for over a decade, InTek Freight and Logistics has a unique perspective of how to get the MG TMS user online and executing their first shipment quickly and efficiently no matter the environment.

Hands on training can either be done in a class room setting or quickly online for those looking for immediate help.

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Let's Talk About Your Business

Schedule a free consultation with a member of our team to find a solution that meets your needs.

Managed Transportation Services

Shippers of all sizes can advance their supply chain through InTek's customized managed logistics solutions that delivers a competitive advantage.  Intek has the flexibility to design an outsourced managed TM solution that will fit your specific requirements within almost any budget allowing you to focus your resources on what you do best.


TMS Technology Services

As a certified MercuryGate (MG) reseller, InTek helps those shippers looking to upgrade their transportation management software (TMS) to the MG cloud-based system or those wanting to optimize their current MG TMS platform; implement new functionality; integrate & test; or train its users.  Either way InTek has a solution for you.

Domestic Capacity Solutions

InTek leverages its 35,000 asset carrier base and direct relationships with the Class I railroads to help shippers access truckload, intermodal, LTL, expedited and rail boxcar capacity at competitive prices.  By combining domestic capacity solutions with InTek's other services allows shippers to bring all their logistics needs under one roof.


Cross Border and International Solutions

InTek handles freight moving cross-border between US, Canada and Mexico, along with international ocean and air services, which makes for a one-stop call for any shipper needing domestic and international capacity options.