Temp Controlled Intermodal

Temp Controlled Intermodal Service Saves Money over Truckload.

COFC (container on flatcar) transportation is driving the revolution and viability for more shippers to access 53' reefer intermodal options. ScreenHunter_55_May._22_15.44

Not only is COFC service more cost effective, but shippers have a better opportunity to tap into the temp controlled intermodal capacity because this equipment is in place to serve temp controlled shippers. The investment being made outside of the equipment itself (meaning the facilities, technology and people) are the other components that are moving temp controlled OTR off the road and onto the rail.

The technology is there to protect the product, while also gaining the trust of shippers. This technology gives refrigerated intermodal containers 24/7 satellite tracking; internal temperature monitoring; and the ability to remotely change the temperature of the containers in transit.  

Reefer intermodal containers have roughly two to three times the capacity of the tanks on reefer units typically found on trucks, so if there were a delay the product is well protected.

We also offer OTR Temp Controlled Transportation. Check out the InTek blog for this week's promotional OTR temp controlled lanes.

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