Supply Chain Coaching & TMS Technology Services

Delivering Innovative Supply Chain Solutions and Technology Services for a Competitive Advantage.

InTek collaborates with clients to implement innovative solutions that align operating models to support business strategies, optimize execution and enhance the skills and capabilities of the logistics team.  


Supply Chain Network Design for Optimization

Leveraging experience, technology, industry knowledge and insight with client's data and requirements delivers a competitive advantage.  InTek's optimization tools create usable execution strategies to achieve savings through effective rate management, mode selection, consolidations and optimized pool points to create real savings and improved KPI's for single or multi-site operations.  Technology is incorporated into the process for continuous measurement and improvement, so to not make the process a one-time event.

Systems & Technology

Supply chains continue to get more complex making it important for shippers to have a technology strategy and platform to stay ahead of the demands.  InTek's TMS platform can either be employed as a stand-alone package or used in a broader coaching services or outsourced managed freight program.  InTek's cloud based TMS gives users an execution platform that streamlines the shipment process from shipment tender through to the freight audit and pay close out process, while providing transparency for all stakeholders through the control tower and business intelligence functionality integrated into the platform.

InTek helps its clients from system design, configuration and support.

Procurement and Sourcing Strategy

InTek aligns shippers' freight procurement strategy from the RFP process through final implementation to bring bottom line savings and on-time deliveries. 

Freight Audit & Payment

Streamline freight audit, pay and the customer invoicing process through OCR technology that makes for efficient and paperless processing.

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