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Providing Nutraceuticals shipping services so you can focus on making your business even better.

At InTek Freight & Logistics, our team of experts uses proven technology, processes and knowledge to offer freight solutions for a variety of medical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals. Let us ship your medical supplies freight while you focus on running your business.

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Shipping nutraceuticals freight brings with it a unique set of challenges. Without a partner who understands how to move these specialized products, businesses are left…

  • Facing possibly costly damages due to mispackaged equipment
  • Paying more for temperature-controlled reefer capacity
  • Unaware that intermodal options may be a fit
  • Worrying at every turn with no shipment tracking options

At InTek, we understand that shipping nutraceuticals freight means navigating challenges involving temperature, fragility and more. You can rest assured we won’t just place your vitamins, supplements, fortified foods and more in the first available container or trailer and let them go. We’ll ensure your medical supplies freight follows the right packing processes, stays at the right temperature and gets there fast, for the right price.

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Nutraceuticals Freight By the Numbers


Approximate global number of nutraceuticals companies

$112.6 billion

U.S. nutraceuticals market in 2021


Compound annual growth rate thru 2030

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Learn More About Temperature-Controlled Freight

Many nutraceuticals are among the types of cargo that require temperature-controlled freight shipping options to arrive unspoiled and intact into customers' hands.

Learn about temperature-controlled freight shipping options, the definition of a reefer, the technology behind temperature-controlled freight shipping and how intermodal provides a sometimes overlooked option.

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Shipping nutraceuticals freight requires care

And intermodal transportation often has the unfair reputation of being a rough ride. Learn how to ensure intermodal loads, no matter how fragile, avoid damage from shifting around, vibrations or just a bumpy ride with our free Intermodal Weight & Damage Prevention eBook.

Get tips on proper blocking and bracing as well as other methods to ensure nutraceuticals and other sensitive freight are undamaged in transit as you learn to take the potential for damage seriously, and stop it in its tracks.


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