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Nursery Stock shipping that makes your business even better

At InTek Freight & Logistics, our team of experts uses proven technology, processes and knowledge to offer freight solutions for a variety of nursery stock. Let us ship your trees, shrubs, plants, sod and more while you focus on running your business.

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Shipping nursery stock freight brings with it a unique set of challenges. Without a partner who understands how to move these perishable goods, businesses are left…

  • Unsure how carriers will pack and handle their plant-based cargo
  • Paying more for temperature-controlled reefer capacity
  • Unaware that intermodal options may be a fit, especially as truckload capacity can be tight
  • Worrying at every turn with spotty shipment tracking options

At InTek, we understand that shipping flora and fauna freight means avoiding damage from extreme temperatures, desiccation, mishandling, mold and more. You can rest assured we won’t just place your loads in the first available container or trailer and let them go. We’ll ensure your live plants of all sizes follow the right packing and handling processes, stay at the right temperature, have the proper nursery stock insurance and get there fast, for the right price.

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Nursery Stock Freight By the Numbers

$13.8 billion

U.S. Floriculture, Nursery and Specialty Crops Sales


Number of Horticulture Operations in the U.S.


Of Total Horticultural Sales Accounted for by the Top 10 States

Learn more about just what is nursery stock - it's not just Christmas trees and flowers after all - and the keys to successfully shipping vegetation

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Learn About Temperature-Controlled Shipping

See what goes into temperature-controlled shipping, including:

  • What is a reefer?
  • How temperature-controlled shipping works
  • What goods need temp-controlled shipping?
  • All about temperature-controlled intermodal - a viable option for transporting wholesale nursery stock

Why does all this matter when shipping nursery stock? Because many perishable plants require consistent conditions to avoid temperature-related damages.

Learn About Temperature-Controlled Shipping

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Intermodal Weight & Damage Prevention


Learn how to safely & properly ship nursery stock - and other products - via intermodal.

The most common issue for shippers transitioning their freight - nursery and  otherwise - from truckload to intermodal is loading the container to be legally compliant with gross weight - that and the distribution of weight across the vehicle. Many shippers entering into an intermodal strategy for the first time are either not properly coached or do not take these weight issues as seriously as they need to.

Not running within the legal weight specifications will cause a great deal of frustration for the shipper, as costs and delays are incurred through reworking the intermodal container to be legally transported. Then there are inspections and trees that fall under oversize loads as well. And of course, getting precious cargo to its destination undamaged matters, too. Learn how to avoid the hassle and extra costs of intermodal with our eBook "Intermodal Weight & Damage Prevention."


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