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Offering Innovative Nearshoring Shipping Solutions

As nearshoring marks a new frontier in North America, companies need a forward-thinking partner to ensure reliable capacity for ongoing - and on-growing - shipping needs - especially along the Mexico, Texas and California corridor.

At InTek, we utilize our industry expertise, leading-edge technology, and partnerships in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada to provide long-term nearshoring freight solutions - leveraging growing intermodal opportunities in the process. Fill out our form to learn more.

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Why Intermodal Between the U.S. and Mexico?


Be a Part of the Cutting Edge of End-to-End Cross-Border Intermodal

  • Advance customs pre-clearance
  • Save valuable time and money
  • Ensure shipments move fluidly
  • Minimize idle times
  • Ship to - or from - Mexico

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Investing in Nearshoring

Mexico Factories


It's been clear for some time that nearshoring will make a major impact on supply chains. As companies get operations up and running in Mexico, they'll need transportation solutions along lanes they've never used before. With plenty of uncertainty in an already taxed trucking labor environment and ongoing issues at vehicular border crossings, intermodal has emerged as an ideal solution.

Why? Because railroads have invested in infrastructure to offer more ramp-to-ramp opportunities, streamlining cross-border shipping with greater capacity and better prices. Class I railroads like Union Pacific, BNSF, CSX and CPKC are working with intermodal marketing companies (IMCs) and Mexican railroads to solve shipping challenges between Mexico and the U.S. for a variety of freight types.

At InTek, our partnerships with these railroads as well as Mexican logistics and customs providers allow us to create solutions that fit you - whether your nearshoring operation is up and running or not.

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