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Consolidated freight shipping & LTL pooling

Combine smaller loads into a 53' truckload or intermodal container for freight shipping to similar destinations - breaking the freight at the destination for final mile LTL delivery with our pooling & freight consolidation services. Enjoy significant savings and less opportunities for damage compared to traditional LTL for the full journey.

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Efficiently consolidate small shipments


Coordinate with connected experts and technology


Deliver on-time and intact

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Save money over standard LTL shipping

Benefits of LTL consolidation and pooling

  • Optimize supply chain logistics with a clear LTL freight consolidation strategy
  • Identify the best opportunities to enjoy the most freight consolidation benefits
  • Access a robust carrier and distribution center network
  • Use a powerful, cutting edge transportation management system (TMS) to coordinate, manage and report
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LTL consolidated freight by the numbers

Up to 50%

Savings over traditional LTL


Fewer touches, reducing opportunities for damage


Faster delivery times when shippers consolidate freight

With InTek, you'll not only enjoy savings with consolidated freight, you'll also save time, damage and headaches. We'll take care of the coordination, while you and your customers reap the benefits of our strategic partnerships with carriers (truck & intermodal) and distribution centers.


Why choose InTek?

Many businesses can benefit from freight consolidating, but making it happen can be complex. Consolidation services with InTek take the legwork and worry away. We'll find the right partners and carriers to make it happen.

Our consolidated freight success


Companies using our freight consolidation service

How much does consolidated freight cost?

Combining LTL freight into one container or trailer means cargo travels at the cost of the mode that carries it - intermodal or truckload - plus final mile delivery. Weight, dimensions and additional fees influence overall cost, but you can expect savings between 10 to 50%.


Save time and money with our consolidation services

Take advantage of InTek's advanced freight consolidation and LTL pooling solutions leveraging our MercuryGate TMS to provide a competitive advantage in rates and service for a wide variety of loads and lanes.

Enhance your business with our pooling & consolidation services


What does consolidated shipping mean?

Consolidated freight shipping is a logistics strategy where a shipper combines multiple smaller shipments within a particular geographic area into a single container or trailer, rather than shipping them piecemeal via LTL. They travel together to a destination point where the contents are broken down and final-mile delivered.

What is pool consolidation?

Pool consolidation occurs at the beginning of the freight pool process, where multiple orders from the same shipper or distributor - or loads from multiple nearby companies - are combined. Pool distribution companies handle the end portion, when the shipment is removed from the container or truck and delivered to its final destination.

Graphic of LTL freight consolidated into single shipment then delivered separately at destination.



Complete Guide to Truckload, LTL, Expedite pillar


Discover our consolidated truckload, LTL & expedited solutions

Learn the ins and outs of LTL consolidation and when consolidating freight is most successful. Plus, get the basics on less than truckload, full truckload and expedited solutions which can handle consolidated loads as well as traditional shipments. If you're considering over the road shipping of any kind, this eBook will assuredly answer any questions you have.



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