Intermodal Shipping to Mexico or Canada

Shippers are Finding Greater Efficiency, Cost Savings and Security with Intermodal for their Cross-Border Freight.




Combine increasing truckload costs in the U.S. and Mexico with near shoring and you can see why road-to-rail conversion is on the rise for cross-border freight. 

InTek Freight and Logistics has both rubber tire and steel wheel solutions.  Learn more on both in our ebook: Shipping into Mexico and Canada.

Intermodal is the most secure method of shipping freight in Mexico.





Cross-border traffic with Canada continues to increase and put pressure on price and capacity. InTek has 20', 40' and 53' intermodal options as an alternative service to truckload to help shippers save. 

For additional information regarding Canadian paperwork requirements, the railroad networks and the potential cost savings shipping into Canada, read more in our ebook:  Shipping into Mexico and Canada.

Proper blocking and bracing is also required for cross-border shipments. Please refer to our ebook titled: Understanding Intermodal Weight & Damage Prevention.


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For more information on Domestic Intermodal Services and how you can use it as an alternative to shipping truckload please contact us. 

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