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Truckload - LTL - Expedited Freight Capacity Solutions

We're Here To Take Away Your Logistics Worries, so You Can Focus on Making Your Business GREAT.

Service Excellence in Truckload, LTL and Expedited

Truckload, LTL and expedited shipping capacity is just a phone call away.

With over 35,000 active and approved freight carriers under contract our team of professionals will help you deliver your truckload and LTL freight on-time and within budget.

Dry, temp controlled, expedited and haz-mat services options available.

Freight Brokerage Operating Authority.  (MC-1021027)  

Our dedicated operations team provides personal 24/7/365 coverage.  InTek solved the 1-800 number frustration by aligning its operations team by customer versus shift and task, which means the person you work with in the morning is the same you deal with after hours.  No more will you get the response of "let me look at the system notes and I'll get back with you".

For those situations where a call is not required, our customers have full access through the #1 cloud based TMS in the market today. 

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InTek's service commitment is second to none. As a result, InTek is the first non-asset provider to ever receive the carrier of the year award from Guitar Center.

Matt Sessoms, Transportation Manager, Guitar Center

Truckload and LTL freight services

Truckload & LTL Capacity Solutions


InTek is ready to serve your TL & LTL capacity needs with over-the-top service with 35,000 carriers and competitive pricing.  

Whether you are looking for a transactional relationship or wanting a dedicated solution, we are here to help solve your logistics problems through our team of professionals, industry expertise, repeatable processes and the #1 cloud TMS in the industry.

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expedited freight services

Expedited Freight Services

InTek understands that there are times companies need to move their freight through an expedited service to ensure there is not a plant shutdown or keep the shelves stocked for its customers.

We help companies in these situations save time at a competitive price.  InTek's powerful technology provides transparency to every step in the shipment to ensure its timely delivery.

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temperature controlled freight

Temp Controlled Truckload and LTL Solutions

The InTek Freight and Logistics temp controlled services team can handle your intermodal, TL and LTL shipments.  The InTek technology is integral to the shipment to keep the focus on the technical requirements needed for successful temp controlled delivery.  

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LTL freight consolidation

Optimized LTL Consolidation & Pooling

LTL consolidation services save shippers cost, reduce damage claims and improve service.  At the heart of the InTek solution is a strong TMS route optimization engine and a carrier base that delivers on-time solutions.

The cost saving value driven through consolidation is obtained through modal shift from LTL to truckload based on regional and volumes evaluated through a TMS optimization engine reviewing all combinations for on-time delivery.

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Cargo Insurance

Contingent Cargo Coverage

As we often say here at inTek that freight is more than a rate.

While we strive for 100% perfection on every shipment, there are times when things do not go as planned. 

Shippers will find they are covered when issues of damage and shortage enter the equation.

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flatbed freight services

Specialty Freight - Teams, Flatbed & Liquid

Freight is not always square, palletized, able to travel via standard transit times or align with docks, which is why InTek has a division devoted just to specialty freight needs.

Teams, flatbed, liquid and equipment moves come with its challenges and InTek is here to help you through the process.

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Transloading services

Transloading Services

InTek Freight and Logistics offers transloading services for both import and export freight at the major US ports. Our team can either perform inland movements via 53' domestic intermodal or truckload. As a result, shippers can better manage channel inventory needs at a reduced all-in cost.

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project management

Project and Surge Freight Management Services

Companies often have a special project or a cyclical nature to their business that causes a surge in capacity needs at particular times during the year which test the limits of the standard routing guide.

InTek has the solution for those situations whereby we take the pressure off a company's logistics team by augmenting their routing guide with our 35,000 active and approved carriers, while also adding a team of logistics professionals to manage the freight from tender-to-delivery during the surge period.

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Managed Transportation Services

Shippers of all sizes can advance their supply chain through InTek's customized managed logistics solutions that delivers a competitive advantage.  Intek has the flexibility to design an outsourced managed TM solution that will fit your specific requirements within almost any budget allowing you to focus your resources on what you do best.


TMS Technology Services

As a certified MercuryGate (MG) reseller, InTek helps those shippers looking to upgrade their transportation management software (TMS) to the MG cloud-based system or those wanting to optimize their current MG TMS platform; implement new functionality; integrate & test; or train its users.  Either way InTek has a solution for you.

Domestic Capacity Solutions

InTek leverages its 35,000 asset carrier base and direct relationships with the Class I railroads to help shippers access truckload, intermodal, LTL, expedited and rail boxcar capacity at competitive prices.  By combining domestic capacity solutions with InTek's other services allows shippers to bring all their logistics needs under one roof.


Cross Border and International Solutions

InTek handles freight moving cross-border between US, Canada and Mexico, along with international ocean and air services, which makes for a one-stop call for any shipper needing domestic and international capacity options.