Inland Transportation & Container Management Program

Inland Transportation & Container Management for Imported Steamship Containers

InTek Freight and Logistics provides a single source solution to control costs and minimize out-of-program expenses for importers delivering their containers to their various inland locations.  The intersection of InTek technology and resources with BCO's and NVO's inland partners is where InTek transforms an orchestrated chaos into a symphony that eliminates headaches and improves overall effectiveness of getting the correct container to the correct location on-time and without additional charges.  

The program is comprised of the following components:


Ocean Vessel Monitoring

InTek tracks and traces each container aboard the shipper's ocean vessels to provide accurate ETA's of containers arriving at their respective ports.

Container Management

InTek is the single point of contact and coordination of containers once the they hit the port. 

Inland Transportation Management

InTek Freight and Logistics manages the pickup and delivery schedules that lower overall logistical expenses by coordinating the terminal appointments with carriers to ensure appointments for container pick-ups are within the terminal LFD specifications. 

Container Yard Management

InTek manages the shipper's multiple container yard operations for their loaded and empty equipment to eliminate the demurrage and per diem accessorial charges.  

Event Measurement & Management

InTek reports real-time daily status of each container in order to help shippers manage their import business, which ensures inventory is at the required locations on-time, every time. 

For more on the program, read "Peace" of Mind: Inland Transportation & Container Management and Inland Transportation & Container Management: The Dream Scenario.

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