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Shipping Industrial Products to make your business better

At InTek Freight & Logistics, our team of experts uses proven technology, processes and knowledge to offer freight solutions for all varieties of industrial commodities and goods. Let us handle the shipping, while you focus on running your business.

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Optimize your logistics costs and resources


Turn your shipping and logistics into a competitive advantage


Focus on running your business


Enhance your customer experience

Whether referring to them as industrial goods, products or commodities. Shippers without an experienced freight partner could find themselves…

  • Chasing the lowest price, but missing out on the best service
  • Dealing with damage related to inexperienced handlers
  • Missing out on technology like shipment tracking and other real-time visibility tools
  • Needlessly spending hours chasing solutions every time a new shipment comes around

At InTek, we understand that industrial products are a necessity to keep business going, whether it's in the office or on the factory floor. Our expert staff ensures no matter what industry products you ship, they get delivered on time and for the right price - while you stay informed every step of the way. Work with us and experience the difference.

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Industrial Products By the Numbers

$288 billion

Annual Value Added in U.S. Industrial Products & Services Market


Projected 5-Year Growth Rate (CAGR) for U.S. Industrial Products & Services

$891 million

2022 Sales Under Government Services Agreement (GSA) Industrial Products & Services Category

Industrial Products of all shapes and sizes can ship via a variety of modes.

Learn how transloading can maximize flexibility

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See How InTek's Shipper History Leads to Customer-First Logistics Solutions

InTek's leadership began their careers as shippers. That experience shaped how they assembled the unique InTek Freight & Logistics model to serve clients shipping industry products and other items that support the production industry - as well as freight of all kinds.

Learn what that approach means for you as we walk through our customer-first business model and 3 projects that highlight how it leads to success.

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Complete Guide to Intermodal Cover


Find out all there is to know about making intermodal a part of your shipping strategy

Whether you're shipping items for industrial production or office equipment, intermodal transportation is likely to have a fit for your business needs.

Intermodal transportation is a reliable, efficient way for shipping freight of all kinds. Yet for a number of reasons, its potential to improve logistics service has been heavily undervalued. With this free eBook, compare intermodal to truckload, see some benefits of intermodal, find out how to get started with your freight shipping company of choice and more.



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