How long has InTek Freight & Logistics been in business?

InTek is privately held and has been in business since 2003.  InTek went through a managment buyout and was re-branded InTek Freight and Logistics late in 2016 to announce to the market its new and larger vision that builds upon its domestic intermodal dominance to include non-asset OTR and TM services.

Why should I consider using InTek versus a bigger name provider?

While InTek may not be on everyone's list of known providers it is one of the largest domestic door-to-door intermodal providers in the US.  In addition to its intermodal dominance, InTek has access to over 35,000 approved and active carriers in the SunteckTTS agency network and operates the #1 cloud based TMS in the LSP market (MercuryGate).

To continue on the why is Service, Service, Service! Why be a little fish in the ocean, when you can be a big fish in the lake. InTek Freight and Logsitics treats its customers' shipments as if it were their very own. The InTek Operations Team is set up by customer for 24/7/365 support versus operating by shift. Customers will work with the same person throughout the day and evening hours.

Does InTek provide Intermodal, TL, LTL, Flatbed or Air Freight Services?

Yes, InTek Freight and Logistics provides 20', 40' and 53' domestic Intermodal, TL, LTL, Flatbed, Reefer, Expedited, Airfreight and Ocean freight services.  There is not a service we shy away from as one of the leading service LSP's in North America.

Does InTek provide temp controlled fright services?

Yes, InTek offers temp controlled intermodal, truckload and LTL freight services. InTek partners with a number of regional and national reefer providers for pooled consolidation services throughout the USA. 

Does InTek provide flat bed solutions?

InTek Freight and Logistics does offer flat bed services for shippers across the US.

What do I need to do to get started with InTek?

All that is needed to get started with InTek is to fill out the new customer packet and a service agreement our Sales Team provides.

How robust is InTek's reporting capabilities?

InTek technology is that of cloud based MercuryGate.  In many cases we find the information about a shipment is as important as the shipment itself.  With that said, there is not a report we can't push out to our customers or a portal we cannot build for them to access.  

In addition to reporting itself, InTek also has stored in our customers' shipments a plethora of big data decisions it can access through its optimization and analysis technology.

Can InTek offer drop trailer and container programs for its shipments?

Yes. InTek actually prefers trailer and container pool programs, as they often help shippers dock efficiencies. InTek can also do live load & unload programs also.

How long before detention applies? Free hours?

There are 2 hours of free time at origin and 2 hours of free time at destination.

How much lead time do you need to book?

24 hours is best, but same day capacity is available and dependent on lane and time of year.

What are your credit terms?

Standard terms are net 15, but can be negotiable based on the size of the business opportunity and credit strength of the customer.

What is InTek's invoicing process?

InTek Freight and Logistics is part of the SunteckTTS agency network, so all invoicing runs through our Dallas office. InTek does not want to send those second surprise invoices because of an unknown weight change or accessorial, so invoicing does not occur until the carrier invoices are received.  

Invoices can be sent via mailed, email, EDI or fax. Whatever is best for the customer is best our customers.

Does InTek Freight and Logistics have online portals to gain access to shipment activity?

Typically, customers are only interested in the ability to track and trace shipments online, but InTek offers so much more and invite you to talk with a sales manager to learn more.

Does InTek offer consolidation and warehousing services?

InTek Freight and Logistics provides pooling, consolidation and warehousing services through its network across the US.

Do you provide outsourced transportation management services?

Yes, InTek Freight and Logistics provides various transportation management programs for shippers.  To learn more visit the Supply Chain Solutions website page.

Who can I contact at your office for invoice questions?

Invoice questions can be addressed to Rick LaGore at rick.lagore@inteklogistics.com.

Do you have EDI?

Yes, InTek can trade EDI documents.

How much credit will you extend?

InTek Freight and Logistics will extend as much credit as the shipping company can support.  InTek will do all it can to help BCO's and NVO's gain access to credit through its financial partners.

What are your hours of operation?

InTek operates 24/7/365–Our Operations Team is set up by shipper, not by shift. This means the person that books your freight in the morning is the same person you talk to all the way through the shipment process … regardless of the time of day. In other words, say goodbye to 1-800-GoodLuck numbers where you are forced to settle.

Does InTek make the pick-up and delivery appointments or do I?

InTek makes all the appointments.

Where are you located?

InTek has its main office in Indianapolis, IN and through its agency relationship with SunteckTTS, inc. puts us in all major cities throughout the US.

What rail providers do you use?

InTek has a direct relationship with all North American Class I railroads (Union Pacific, Norfolk Southern, CSX, BNSF, Canadian National and Canadian Pacific).  

What is Dray?

Dray or drayage is the movement of a container or trailer to or from the railroad intermodal terminal to or from the customer's facility for loading or unloading.

Where are your intermodal ramps located?

The InTek accesses all the North American Class I Railroad Intermodal Ramps.

Please see the following intermodal network link:  http://www.intekfreight-logistics.com/services/intek-intermodal-network-map

How long does it take to unload a container off the train?

The intermodal container is unloaded within a couple hours of arrival to the intermodal ramp.

When does damage occur the most often? Dray, lifting, or on-line haul?

If damage occurs, it will typically occur in the long haul segment of the lane. The cause of damage can be traced to a shipper not following the block and brace guidelines.

To learn how to prevent damage, please read How to Ship Intermodal Without Damage.

Why do I have to block and brace?

Blocking and bracing is key to preventing damage when using intermodal service. Shipments that move via rail experience what is known as harmonic vibrations, which will move loads horizontally and vertically within the container/trailer. 

Many believe blocking and bracing operate under the belief that blocking and bracing is labor and time intensive. The reality is that the majority of loads can easily be blocked and braced with a single 2x4 and some 16 penny nails.

Unlike truckload, where the trucker is responsible for the securement of the load, the shipper is responsible for the securement of the load when shipping via an intermodal service. There are several reasons for this, with one of them being there is no way for the railroad to open every container or trailer and see how the load has been secured from the front to the back of the trailer. The dray drivers only manage a leg of the shipment, so they cannot accept liability for the entire shipment on behalf of the railroads.

Can someone give us a diagram of how to block and brace?

Yes, InTek Freight and Logistics works directly with all the Class I North American Railroads. As such, InTek access the Damage Prevntion groups of each of the railroads, on behalf of the shipper, to assemble load diagrams for all a shipper's shipment types.

Can we do dray service for you?

This question brings about a long response.

InTek offers a door-to-door intermodal service through all the North American Class I railroads door-to-door divisions and ramp-to-ramp divisions.  

With that said, InTek utilizes the dray capacity found through the railroads themselves for the door-to-door Class I programs and utilizes its own dray capacity to cover the ramp-to-ramp services it offers to complete the door pick-up and deliveries.

Because InTek does tap into its own dray capacity to complete the ramp-to-ramp solutions so complete the pick-up and delivery sides, InTek Freight and Logistics can provide dray services for other programs it offers like the Inland Transportation and Container Management services.

Do you have drivers?

InTek does not directly own assets, but its relationship, as a SunteckTTS agent gives allows us to be an asset provider in many markets.  InTek is a non-asset LSP (Logistic Service Provider).

What are the dimensions of your containers?

InTek Freight and Logistics provides 20’, 40' and 53' intermodal capacity.

For details on the weight and dimensions on 53' capacity, please refer to the container dimension page.

Do you provide the dray?

As a full service IMC, InTek provides the dray in its door-to-door intermodal transportation service.

Do you have GPS of your drivers and containers?

Yes, we can access capacity that has GPS capabilities.

How long does the box sit at origin before it is put on the train?

Typically, the containers are pulled the same day.

How long does the box sit at destination before it is put out for delivery?

Typically, containers are sent out for delivery the same day it arrives at the intermodal ramp. Intermodal is a great mode of freight to use when shipping into the retail market.

Read more on shipping Intermodal for Big Box Retailers.

What is the axle weight to make a shipment legal?

Read the Intermodal Weight Blog for the most comprehensive answer on the question of intermodal weight.

What advantages does InTek IMC Division have over Asset IMC's?

The best source of information on asset and non-asset intermodal IMC’s can be found by reading Defining Asset & Non-Asset Intermodal Providers.

Does InTek own assets?

InTek Freight and Logistics operates as a full service IMC and LSP, but through the agency structure with SunteckTTS has access in most markets.

Where does InTek Freight and Logistics operate?

The InTek corporate office is located in Indianpolis, Indiana.  All its US, Canada and Mexico freight moves are managed in Indianapolis.

Can intermodal shipments be tracked and traced?

Yes, intermodal shipments can be tracked and traced. As a matter of fact, the details provided are similar to that of a small parcel shipment.

For more, refer to Intermodal Track & Trace blog.

How much weight can be put on an intermodal load?

The standard weight is 42,500 gross, but there is more to it than just gross weight. Shippers also need to be aware of weight distribution.

For more on the topic, read Intermodal Weight – Most Common Issue for Intermodal Shippers.

Does InTek provide strictly dray service or power only service?

InTek can provide strictly dray or power only service, although not its core service.  The InTek capacity is more typically focused on its door intermodal and container management programs.

Can InTek provide trailer pools for its intermodal service?

InTek prefers pool programs, but can also provide live load and unload freight services.

Why does InTek need to know the beneficial owner for intermodal shipments?

InTek Freight and Logistics needs to know the beneficial cargo owner (BCO) to obtain a quote from the railroads. The reason railroads need this information from InTek and other IMC’s is they do not want to rate shop against themselves.

We are very keen on concerns of NVO's and brokers not willing to provide the data because of back-selling concerns.  InTek has very tight agreements with its NVO and broker client base to ensure back-selling does not occur from either side.

What is an IMC?

Intermodal Marketing Company (IMC) purchase rail and truck transportation services, utilize equipment from multiple sources and provide other value-added services under a single freight bill to the ultimate shipper for intermodal transportation services. Various types of IMC’s:

  • Bi-Modal: Own COFC boxes; and do the majority of their own dray work with company drivers and equipment. Have a direct relationship with the railroads.
  • Asset-Light: Own COFC boxes; do a portion of the dray with company drivers; tap into the railroad assets to augment capacity; and outsource some of the dray to handle the peaks. Have a direct relationship with the railroads.
  • Non-Asset: Tap into the railroads’ container capacity, as well as, into bi-modal and asset-light providers for container and dray capacity. Have a direct relationship with the railroads.
  • Broker: Tap into all IMC segments, but do not have a direct relationship with the railroads.

Where are the InTek Freight and Logistics Offices?

InTek operates its central hub of all North American freight movements out of Indianapolis, IN.

Can InTek help with Mexico and Canada intermodal shipments?

Yes, InTek covers US, Canada and Mexico.

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