InTek Freight and Logistics Accessorial Schedule

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The InTek Freight and Logistics accessorial descriptions, charges and schedules below are subject to change without notice.


Dray Related Accessorialsintermodal

Driver Assist (Load/Unload):  Charge is for labor involved for driver to assist with loading and/or unloading of container. Charge may also apply if driver is required to re-stack freight due to load shift. (Detention may not be simultaneous).

Driver Count 1 (pallet):  Requires a pallet count at the shipper to verify the pallet count of the load (may also accrue detention simultaneous).

Driver count 2 (pieces):  Requires the driver to give an accurate piece/case count at the shipper to verify the load (Detention may not be simultaneous).

Driver Clean (Sweep):  Driver to sweep out container.

Driver Clean (Wash-out):  Driver to wash out container.

Driver Dunnage Disposal:  Driver required cleaning and disposing of dunnage or other non-hazardous materials.

Driver Layover Charge:  In the event InTek is required to have a driver stay overnight due to excessive wait time which causes the driver to run out of legal operating hours. Power Detention is not applicable during this period but is applicable prior to or after the declaration and approval for the Driver Layover charge.

Driver Shunting:  InTek driver required to unhook from trailing equipment, hook up to another to re-position it, and then hook back up to original box.

Lumper:  Additional help hired to load/unload trailer. Power detention may also apply. If customer issues a com-check no administration fee will apply; customer is responsible for retrieval of document /receipt from lumper company.

Night Delivery:  Charges may be applicable for moves to cover additional costs to make night deliveries in certain markets. Charge varies by market (not applicable to LA or Dallas).

Power Detention - Live Unload:  Charge for tractor time after expiration of standard free time. Two hours free applies for single stop pick-up or delivery. For multi-stop pick-up or delivery, one (1) hour free applies at each stop. InTek will endeavor to provide notification prior to start of detention.

Power Detention - Drop and Hook:  Charge for tractor time after expiration of standard free time. One hour free applies for single stop pick-up or delivery.  InTek will endeavor to provide notification prior to start of detention.

Scale Light & Heavy:  Driver required to scale equipment prior to and then again upon loading in order to provide a legal tare weight.

Single Scale Charge:  Driver required scaling of equipment not located on site.

Stop-off:  Additional charge for extra pick up or extra delivery of freight or redirection of tractor while in transit. Also applicable with multi stops in addition to freight charges for each stop.

Tailgating (driver assist):  Charge is for labor involved for repositioning lading from the front of the container to the rear.

Yard pull:  Request to have the carrier pull the container to their yard .

Yard Storage (Carrier):  Storage of a loaded container in a carrier’s yard (when available, excluding hazardous material and high value loads).


Overweight and Equipment Related Accessorialstruckload freight

Diversion:  Change to consignee location at different destination ramp after container loaded to flatcar at origin.

Dry Run, Truck Order Not Used, Equipment Order Not Used:  Driver dispatched for pick up/deliver but InTek advised load is not ready, driver is refused or load is canceled after the placement of rail owned equipment which requires a return to retrieve the equipment.

Hazardous Material - Domestic U.S.:  Charge to handle Hazardous Materials where origin or destination is in the United States.

Hazardous Material - Mexico or Canada:  Charge to handle Hazardous Materials for a pickup or delivery at a Mexican or Canadian location.

High Value Seal Charge:  Applies on the domestic shipment of high value electronics.

Mexico Reposition Charge:  Charge to reposition equipment in Mexico to support northbound movements with capacity.

Misdeclared Shipment:  InTek customer moves hazardous, restricted or prohibited commodities as a general freight commodity.

Misuse Charge:  Equipment spotted at customer location by IDS but used by another carrier with no InTek revenue.

Overweight:  Load exceeds D.O.T. vehicle weight limits by axle (steers 12,000 lbs, drives 34,000 lbs, tandems 34,000 lbs)and/or by gross weight. (80,000 lbs max) Re-work costs can either be billed to the customer or paid by the customer directly to the re-work facility. Should a load be re-worked and still scale overweight, an additional $200 charge would be assessed as a new occurrence requiring re-work.

Pool Container Repair:  All repair cost of containers 5 days past the placement in a loading/pool will be the responsibility of the customer. Any damage not inspected and signed for or Pool Set-up/Tear-down/Adjustment.

Pool Set-up/Tear-down/Adjustment:  Charges associated with establishing or terminating an equipment pool at an approved customer location.

Reconsignment:  Change to consignee location at same destination ramp after container grounds at destination ramp.

Redelivery Charge:  Cost to redeliver a load to a customer location.

Transloads:  Charges applied to loads that must be transferred from one unit to another.

Use of UP Bond:  Use of Union Pacific's Bond for international shipments, subject to prior approval by ICSC and Streamline.

Waybill Correction Fee:  Waybill changes or corrections made to tendered load after ingated is subject to a fee. Ref : UPRR MITA 2-A


Rail and Storage Related Accessorialsintermodal

Door to Ramp Per Diem and Storage at Destination:  Equipment not interchanged out of InTek’s account with Rez 1 within 24 hours of notification at destination ramp for door to ramp moves. Charges end when unit is interchanged out of InTek’s account. Any fraction of days will be charged for a full day.

Door to Door Per Diem destined to Mexico via San Diego/Otay Mesa/Calexico, CA:  All Equipment will be interchanged out of InTeK’s account into Intermediary’s account by the destination carrier. Interchange will need to be performed within the same day of outgate from the destination ramp. Per Diem charges end when unit is ingated back to the ramp. This process is not applicable for equipment to be used for local US moves. Any fraction of days will be charge for a full day.

Equipment Per Diem:  Daily, or portion thereof, cost of rail owned or controlled container use. Any fraction of days will be charge for a full day.

Equipment Storage at Rail Terminal:  Charges applied to loads at rail terminals beyond allotted free time.

Origin Ramp Per Diem on Ramp to door service:  Equipment that has per diem accrued on the container upon in gating.

Also, please read the blog Demurrage, Detention, Per Diem & Storage - Definitions and How to Avoid or Cost of Freight Accessorial Charges: Definitions & Tips on How-to Avoid for more details on how to avoid these accessorial charges.

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