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53' Domestic Intermodal Container Dimensions

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North American Door-to-Door 53' Intermodal Container Dimensions.

InTek Freight and Logistics has access to over 250,000 North American door-to-door 53' intermodal containers to move shippers' freight. 

Take note that the payload capacity is 42,500, which is 2,500 less than a truckload shipment.  We call out this point because the number one issue with intermodal transportation is weight.  

InTek also has 40' and 45' intermodal transportation service options when appropriate for weight and/or pricing advantages.

53' intermodal container specifications are listed below:


If interested in learning more about intermodal, a couple of blogs we would recommend reading to gain additional insight about intermodal is The Cost of Intermodal Transportation Services (Rates, Fees & Variables) and 11 Differences Between Intermodal and Truckload Every Shipper Should Know.

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Managed Transportation Services

Shippers of all sizes can advance their supply chain through InTek's customized managed logistics solutions that delivers a competitive advantage.  Intek has the flexibility to design an outsourced managed TM solution that will fit your specific requirements within almost any budget allowing you to focus your resources on what you do best.


TMS Technology Services

As a certified MercuryGate (MG) reseller, InTek helps those shippers looking to upgrade their transportation management software (TMS) to the MG cloud-based system or those wanting to optimize their current MG TMS platform; implement new functionality; integrate & test; or train its users.  Either way InTek has a solution for you.

Domestic Capacity Solutions

InTek leverages its 35,000 asset carrier base and direct relationships with the Class I railroads to help shippers access truckload, intermodal, LTL, expedited and rail boxcar capacity at competitive prices.  By combining domestic capacity solutions with InTek's other services allows shippers to bring all their logistics needs under one roof.


Cross Border and International Solutions

InTek handles freight moving cross-border between US, Canada and Mexico, along with international ocean and air services, which makes for a one-stop call for any shipper needing domestic and international capacity options.